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Quo Vadis Leadership Series: Fidelity - Always Faithful

Keeping You & Your Business Healthy
September 21, 2015 8:00 PM

LeadershipDavid Eich, of Consumers Mutual Insurance of Michigan, gives a true life example of Semper fi, a Latin phrase that means "always faithful." He explains how the military honor guard watch over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as an example of what it truly means to be faithful to one's obligations regardless of the situation. David gives characteristics of what it takes to be a proper leader, role model and the meaning of Fidelity in one’s obligations at home, on the job, and in the community.

Keeping You & Your Business Healthy, co-hosted by Molly McCoy and David Eich, provides information and advice on how businesses can navigate the landscape of healthcare and health insurance benefits.

1:00 PM every Tuesday
Replay: 7:00 PM, 1:00 AM, 7:00 AM

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