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Party @ MI State Fair

Party @ MI Place
September 14, 2018 11:00 AM

state fairSeptember's episode of Party @ MI Place has Host Sue Bila, Executive Director of Michigan Festivals and Events Association on the road to Novi, Michigan's Suburban Collection Showplace. 

MBN's Jeffrey Mosher tagged along to record the experience, and Sue spoke with several key people with and from and active in making the Michigan State Fair happen.


Please take the time to hear Sue Bila's conversations from the Cornerstone Dedication, Ribbon Cutting, Friends of the Fair Reception, and Charity Sneak Peak Night, by clicking play on the embedded SoundCloud PodCasts shared below. (and further down are just a few of the hundreds of photos we captured that evening).

Shared below are nine photos of the evening, we actually took hundreds that day, and for an album of about 40 check these out!
  • state fair-1.jpg
  • 40684528_2303825956324928_2236047660349915136_o.jpg
  • 40752365_2303826756324848_5202184798323343360_o.jpg
  • 40654340_2303827749658082_7371787162825523200_o.jpg
  • 40768243_2303829259657931_6598081566461657088_o.jpg
  • IMG_7474 (2).jpg
  • 40685291_2303838419657015_5315191830332047360_o-1.jpg
  • 40748398_2303839152990275_334602867463684096_o.jpg
  • 40666662_2303832852990905_1068568840834646016_o.jpg

Party @ MI Place, hosted by MFEA, reviews festivals and events from around Michigan, looks ahead to upcoming events, and highlights people in the festivals and events industry who are making a difference in Michigan’s economy.

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