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New Statewide Coalition Announces Work on Cohesive Strategy to Help Michigan Win and Create Jobs

Michigan Business Network
December 2, 2021 11:00 AM


LANSING, Mich. - A new coalition of job creators, economic development professionals, and industry leaders from across the state have joined forces to help Michigan regain a competitive edge in the race for new jobs and investment. 

Working with elected officials and community leaders, the Winning Michigan Jobs coalition is focused on four key areas that can help Michigan close the gap with other states in developing new job opportunities and advancing widely shared prosperity. 

These four areas are consistently cited as areas where other states are outpacing Michigan in the race to create new, well-paying jobs: 

Develop sites: Michigan needs shovel-ready sites to compete for large and medium projects; immediate and long-term significant state investment is required.

Incentivize wisely: Michigan’s existing resources to close deals that attract and create new jobs for residents are not competitive with other states. While incentives can’t be the only reason Michigan wins projects; smart, competitive tools can help win new investments and jobs now and in the long term.  The bipartisan Michigan Employment Opportunity Program (House Bills 5425-26 and Senate Bill 615) is one important component.

Serve our customers: The Michigan Economic Development Corporation can be a major advantage in creating new opportunities. We will work with MEDC leadership to help transform the agency to be best-in-class.

Prepare the workforce: Employers need a single touchpoint to assist with talent needs and Michiganders need more robust pathways to middle-class jobs. We’re committed to working with state agencies and higher education institutions to streamline the process of connecting employers with a ready workforce and providing greater job opportunities to Michiganders. 

“By creating a consistent, cohesive, competitive economic development strategy, we can get back in the game and compete to win,” said Randy Thelen, President, and CEO of The Right Place. “If we do nothing, we will continue to fall behind other states as Michigan’s future prosperity becomes more uncertain.” 

Maureen Krauss, CEO of the Detroit Regional Partnership, said: “When the reasons for failure become clear, you have two choices: act or accept. As a state, we cannot simply accept that other states have effective strategies in place to win new jobs, and Michigan does not. If we act together as a state we can secure new jobs, as we already have the assets and talent needed to win.” 

“Top states know that strong economies, widely shared prosperity, and job growth don’t happen overnight,” said Jeff Donofrio, President, and CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan. “For Michigan to compete and win, we need to make smart investments, be customer-focused, and have a long-term commitment to helping people, businesses, and communities succeed.”  

Current members of Winning Michigan Jobs:

Ann Arbor Spark

Business Leaders for Michigan

Cornerstone Alliance

Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

Detroit Regional Chamber

Detroit Regional Partnership

Economic Development Leaders for Michigan


Lakeshore Advantage

Lake Superior Community Partnership

Lansing Economic Area Partnership

Lansing Regional Chamber

Michigan Bankers Association

Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association

Michigan Manufacturers Association

Michigan Works!

Middle Michigan Development Corporation

The Right Place

Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce

Saginaw Future

Southwest Michigan First

More at www.winningmichiganjobs.com

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