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Nate Beyer | NexTech Lansing Welcomes Marvel Comics Illustrator as New Art Teacher

Michigan Business Beat
February 4, 2021 1:00 PM

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Jeffrey Mosher speaks with Nathan Beyer, School Leader, NexTech High School of Lansing, Lansing/Okemos, MI, in order to find out about a new addition to their staff.

To hear Nate and Jeffrey discuss Gerry's addition to NexTech High School's staff click play on the podcast shared below.

Their discussion covers:
- Can you tell me a little bit about NexTech's program and what makes NexTech unique?
- Tell me a bit about Gerald DeCaire and his new position at NexTech.
- What are you looking forward to with Mr. DeCaire as NexTech's art teacher?

Here is further information the school shared about this addition:

Gerald DeCaire joins Lansing charter school staff with13 years of teaching experience

OKEMOS, Mich. – Gerald DeCaire, one of the original artists for Marvel’s “Deadpool” comics, is the latest addition to NexTech Lansing’s staff. DeCaire’s role as NexTech’s art teacher begins with the second semester.

NexTech Lansing offers smaller-sized classes, with an average student-teacher ratio of 15-to-1. The small class sizes lead to more individualized instruction, which means NexTech students will receive more personalized instruction from DeCaire, who has 13 years of experience teaching workshops across the country. 

DeCaire’s workshops include live drawing demonstrations and information on how comic books and graphic novels are created, as well as discussions about careers in art and how to pursue a career in comic book illustration. His experience leading engaging workshops for all ages will aid in his success as NexTech’s art teacher. DeCaire’s work with Marvel also includes comic book illustrations of “Thor” and “Wolverine.”

“At NexTech, we work to inspire and support every student to purposefully prepare them for college, their career and life,” said school leader Nathan Beyer. “I am excited to welcome Mr. DeCaire to the NexTech community. His experience in the field and working with students around the country provides an outstanding opportunity for our students to gain insight into working in the arts, building foundational skills under the direction of a master in his field.”

“I'm looking forward to being a part of a committed and caring team of educators at NexTech and passing on my experience to a young generation of art students,” DeCaire said. “I want to encourage those who see themselves as artists, illustrators and graphic designers, but I also want to teach appreciation for the visual arts to those who don't foresee a future in the arts. 

“Graphic design represents a $14 billion industry, so gone are the days of the starving artist,” DeCaire continued. “But what hasn't changed is the intrinsic value of art, which deals more with the heart than the pocketbook. I want students to know that art, like music and love, is one of those things that can't necessarily be counted, but nonetheless counts.”

“I have already learned so much from Mr. DeCaire, and I am excited for our students to have the same opportunity,” Beyer said. “His unique perspective on the integration of all areas of education into artistic expression is an asset to our program as we continue to expand upon our model of providing an educational experience that is relevant to our students’ goals and interests.”

To learn more about DeCaire, visit his portfolio site: http://www.decairedesigns.com/index.html 

To learn more about NexTech Lansing or to enroll, visit their website: https://www.nextechhigh.org/lansing 


NexTech High School is a public charter school serving students in Grand Rapids and Lansing. NexTech encourages students to own their future by offering blended learning customized to each student’s individual, personalized learning needs, whether on-campus or studying online. For more information, visit  nextechhigh.org.

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