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MTA Proudly Announces Its Newest “Game Changing” Safety Improvements!

Michigan Business Network
February 16, 2021 8:00 AM


MTA has implemented cutting edge technology with two new safe and effective systems. First, the self-loading wheelchair docking station - Quantum Wheelchair Securement System provides independence and confidence to wheelchair users while maximizing safety for all. Q’Straint is the first fully automatic rear facing mobility securement system that provides autonomy with the simple push of a button, within 25 seconds and without assistance. This safe and secure method provides dignity for persons with disabilities while saving time for everyone and keeping ALL much safer!

The second improvement is the addition of the clinically proven and patented “Ionization Air Filter System” which safe guards air quality. This unit is chemical free and can detect airborne contaminants including, bacteria, viruses, odorous gases and so much more, creating the cleanest possible environment for all passengers. The system runs continuously while vehicle is in operation.

“I don’t worry about tipping over in my chair or sudden stops with Quantum” states Charlene Lizotte” “The MTA understands the importance of making every effort possible to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation to all while providing safety and independence for those who utilize wheelchairs as part of their travel. MTA will continue to enhance the riding experience for all.” said MTA’s General Manager Ed Benning.


The Mass Transportation Authority is the agency authorized to provide public transportation services in Flint and Genesee County. The MTA’s services include primary fixed routes, peak routes, work-related transportation, Your Ride specialized services for elderly and persons with disabilities, and Rides to Wellness.

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