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Michigan Works! Association 2019 Annual Conference | Phil Gwoke - When Generations Connect:

Michigan Business Beat
September 19, 2019 5:00 PM

mwacShared in this playlist are FIVE PodCasts recorded at the 2019 Michigan Works! Association Annual Conference in Kalamazoo. Michigan’s signature workforce development conference offers dynamic keynote presentations, a wide array of professional development opportunities and plenty of time for networking.


This is the fifth playlist batch in our series of coverage from that conference. Here Jeffrey Mosher shares the excerpts of the Day 3 (Tuesday) Closing Session with Phil Gwoke // @PhilGwoke who presented When Generations Connect: Communicating Across Generational Divides.

Four distinct generations are working together shoulder to shoulder, each with a unique set of attitudes, values and work styles. It used to be that older workers were bosses and younger ones took orders. Now, roles are all over the board and rules are being rewritten. 

Organizations are feeling the pain of generations as they struggle to manage productivity and morale while maintaining high standards of quality and service in a challenging economy. When Generations Connect demonstrates not only why it’s important to understand what shaped the generations, but why they behave the way they do. Find out how generation gaps hit the bottom line. Learn what to do about the approaching talent gap; grasp the keys to retaining the generations you need most and discover how to convert this form of diversity from an obstacle into an opportunity.

PGwoke_-_webAs an internationally recognized speaker, Phil (left) has shared his wisdom and inspired audiences around the globe. Before becoming a speaker, he pursued his passion for helping people be their best selves as a high school teacher, college admissions professional, marketing coordinator, corporate trainer, and even small business owner. Phil is a firm believer that with the proper motivation, training, and support system, members of any generation can become capable of remarkable accomplishments. 

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