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Michigan Works! Association 2019 Annual Conference | Closing Session Awards

Michigan Business Beat
September 19, 2019 3:00 PM

mwacShared in this playlist are EIGHT PodCasts recorded at the 2019 Michigan Works! Association Annual Conference in Kalamazoo. Michigan’s signature workforce development conference offers dynamic keynote presentations, a wide array of professional development opportunities and plenty of time for networking.


Here Jeffrey Mosher shares the excerpts for the eight PodCasts recorded at the Closing Session on Tuesday September 10th which was marked by well deserved awards presented to nearly two dozen across Michigan.

Those recognized included: Collaborator of the Year: Rey Guzman

Volunteer of the Year: Chris Holman, Michigan Business Network

Employer of the Year: FireKeepers Casino Hotel

Lawmaker of the Year: Ken Horn

Shining Star: Amy Kraatz
Shining Star: Carla Phelps
Shining Star: Cassie England
Shining Star: Ed Baldwin
Shining Star: George Wright
Shining Star: Jennifer Klempnow
Shining Star: Jessie Trumble
Shining Star: John Babcock
Shining Star: Linda Webb
Shining Star: Mary Szwed
Shining Star: Mona DeFrancesco
Shining Star: Paulette Marshall
Shining Star: Rick VanIttersum
Shining Star: Robert Balzer
Shining Star: Teri Sand
Shining Star: Wanda Bigelow

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