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Michigan Israel Business Accelerator Monthly Newsletter

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July 1, 2022 6:00 PM

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MIBA Newsletter, Looking Back at June 2022

This year is moving fast and so is the MIBA! It is our passion at the MIBA to demonstrate what Israeli innovation has to offer. After hosting two successful delegations to Israel focused on the Defense and Mobility sectors, we are now seeing outcomes created from many of the connections made on those delegations. When we partner with Michigan and Israeli organizations and watch them create a collaboration, we are rewarded by seeing our vision come to fruition!June was an exciting month with many Israeli companies visiting our state of Michigan. AutoTech:Detroitan interior automobile design conference in Novi, featured three Israeli companies at the conference. (See below for more details of the participating Israeli companies.) In addition to the Israeli companies at AutoTech, we also had in-state visits from DaikaWood, Civan LasersElectreon, and Castor. This is great news for Michigan, as all these organizations continue connecting and collaborating with one another!At the close of June, we hosted the latest in our Experience Innovation webinar series co-sponsored by our partners at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR Group). This was a great opportunity for us to highlight some of the amazing companies that we met while on our mobility delegation at the EcoMotion conference in Israel this past May, including five Israeli smart mobility companies in the battery and electrification space. (See below for more details on this event and the very impressive smart mobility companies that were highlighted.) For regular updates on everything MIBA, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, or view our past webinars on our YouTube channel! Your Partner in INNOVATION, The MIBA 

Beer Sheba, Israel's Innovation CapitalNaomi Miller, MIBA, Director of Israel PartnershipsBeer Sheba (known in Hebrew as Be'er Sheva) is not on most visitors’ itinerary to Israel, but once arriving at what was often regarded as a sleepy desert outpost in Israel’s socio-economic periphery, the visitor now finds Israel’s innovation capital. The capital of Israel’s Negev is developing a most impressive 650-acre innovation district that will connect the city’s academic institutions, industry, and the community, focusing on digital health solutions, desert technologies and cyber.  Professor Daniel Haimovich, President of Ben Gurion University, says it very clearly, over 7 decades after Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion advocated the potential of the desert, “The innovation district is no longer a project but a significant landmark in the emerging history of the State of Israel and the Negev area in particular. I can already envision how the district will look: the whole area will be bustling with activity: innovative projects, promising new start-ups, technological and scientific advancements, blooming research, and multiple projects and collaborations that will be realized. Something big is about to happen …. It will set the stage for ongoing action toward fulfilling earlier dreams.” Currently, Beer Sheba is home to the world’s first Innovation Center for Climate Change, specializing in desert technology. It will be joined by DeserTech, a newly launched desert technology company announced by the Israeli Innovation Institute.  Following suit, the Israeli Government declared Beer Sheba the Cyber Capital of Israel and went into action by moving the IDF technology and communications divisions to the Negev.The cooperation between the city’s institutions, including Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), with its 20,000 students, the Tech Park, and the Soroka Medical Center (serving a geographical area of over 60% of the area of Israel and over 1 million residents) as well as the IDF, is putting the city on the forefront of Israel’s innovation scene.   The tech park is planned to include 15 buildings and employ over 10,000 high tech workers. Recently 2 large Cyber companies, Cyberseason and CyberArk, announced establishing R&D centers in Beersheba, joining companies such as IBM, Dell, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, and Google along with hundreds of startups who have already created a presence in the city.Even Israel Railways are on board, with stations connecting Tel Aviv in less than a one-hour commute. One of the most popular mayors in the country is Beer Sheba’s Rubik Danilovich, who was recently re-elected with over 92% of the ballots. He recently stated, “Beer Sheba is turning into a national-technology hub and an international knowledge center. There is no other city in the world that concentrates so much tech-knowledge and excellent human resources in such a small radius.” And if the innovative spirit of Beer Sheba is not enough, it is an affordable city for the young family that is finding outrageous housing prices in the center of the country and home ownership almost unattainable. Beer Sheba’s property prices are almost 70% lower than in Tel Aviv and rents are reasonable and available. Something very big is happening in Beer Sheba. We are excited to host you there with our future delegations.“It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel shall be tested” David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister.

Experience Innovation WebinarHighlights - Smart Mobility  The MIBA’s Experience Innovation webinar series continued to showcase exciting Israeli innovation in June. Co-sponsored with our partners, the Center for Automotive Research, this edition featured 5 Israeli companies who are innovating in the fields of batteries and electrification, trying to solve the challenges of cost, safety, and performance for a future electrified world.Hear an update on our friends at Electreon who are pioneering over the road charging or get the latest insights into Addionics technology that is changing the physics of battery manufacturing. You can also see how Carrar is meeting the challenge of thermal management for batteries, the smaller yet more powerful electric engine that EVR Motors is developing, and how Enervibe is eliminating battery-powered sensors by using kinetic energy to create its own electricity.If you missed it, subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch up on that as well as our past Experience Innovation webinars.
Israeli Mobility Companies Attend AutoTech: Detroit Three Israeli companies displayed their technology at the AutoTech Conference in Novi in June. Tactile MobilityForesight Automotive, and Opsys all made new Michigan connections while sponsoring a booth at the conference. Tactile Mobility did a live demonstration of their pilot project in Saginaw, showing how their test vehicle can sense and share vehicle and road conditions in real time.
Pictured above is team MIBA speaking with Tactile Mobility at the AutoTech: Detroit conference.  
Save the date!!MIBA's 2022 Taste of Two Nations October 6, 2022 
The MIBA is happy to announce our annual Taste of Two Nations awards ceremony and fundraiser will be on Thursday October 6th. Please save the date! Invitations to come soon! 
Every month we share just a couple of the many unique and exciting Israeli innovations we’ve seen.  This month, we are highlighting Israeli technology in the Cybersecurity space.  If you’re interested in connecting with these companies, please reach out to bernard@michiganisrael.com.Immue Anti-bot and Anti-fraud Solution in OneImmue is a next-generation cyber threat solution that offers a revolutionary approach to detecting and preventing bots, human frauds, and automated web threats. Immue leverages advanced machine learning technology and sophisticated algorithms to deliver a solution that detects, stops, and prevents threats in one solution. Immue is helping organizations around the world and across multiple industries, including e-commerce, travel, financial services, cryptocurrency, and more to stop human fraudsters as well as the bots that no one else even knows are there.Cynomi - AI-powered Cyber Protection and Regulation ComplianceCynomi's Virtual CISO enables IT service providers to protect their customers with dedicated cyber and compliance support through automated data collection, continuous scanning, and AI- powered analysis. Service providers and consulting firms can leverage Cynomi’s automated Virtual CISO platform to continuously assess their client’s cybersecurity posture, automatically generate tailored policies and remediation plans with actionable tasks and manage their execution.
MIBA Member Highlight
This months MIBA member highlight is our partners at JetCo Solutions.JetCo Solutions serves as an embedded government sales and marketing team for their clients. Their services span the entire government sales lifecycle. Ninety eight percent of their contract wins have been for small businesses, and they boast an 84% win rate for the Michigan Defense Center program.JetCo provides a variety of specialized deliverables such as B2G Launch Pad, which is an introduction to the government sales program, federal focus reports, federal action plan, and a competitive assessment report. JetCo Solution’s goal is to double their current contract wins for clients from $4 to $8 billion by the end of 2030. To do so, they are investing in developing their employees’ expertise in government capture, proposal management, and research. JetCo continues to be selective about who they work with and they are excited to focus on building long-term relationships with their clients. We are truly grateful for our partnership with JetCo Solutions and their commitment to becoming a member of the MIBA! 
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