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Michigan Israel Business Accelerator Monthly Newsletter

Michigan Business Network
May 3, 2022 12:00 PM

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MIBA Newsletter, Looking Back at April 2022

Spring has finally sprung and the MIBA is gearing up for another delegation trip to Israel to attend  EcoMotion 2022!  This will be the second delegation this year with our first being the March defense delegation that was a tremendous success.  We look forward to seeing the future outcomes of both delegations. Our upcoming EcoMotion Mobility delegation will take place May 6th through May 13th. We have a full delegation and a very impactful week lined up for our delegates. The delegation will be co-chaired by Paul Ajegba, Director of Michigan Department of Transportation & by Trevor Pawl, Chief Mobility Officer of the state of Michigan.  The week will include meetings with Israeli startups that are changing the landscape of the mobility space along with meetings with infrastructure leaders, partners and others that are building the transportation infrastructure networks of the future.We'll also be attending the EcoMotion conference, Israel's premier startup mobility event. We look forward to hosting Israeli partners at the Michigan Pavilion sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the MIBA!  Visit our LinkedIn page for updates of the delegation during that week!We are also happy to share our 2021 Innovation Report.  In spite of COVID, the MIBA's efforts yielded notable outcomes that are contributing to Michigan's increased economic prosperity and partnerships with Israel. See below for our 2021 Innovation report or visit our website at www.MichiganIsrael.com


MIBA's Defense Delegation Continues to Drive Results & OpportunitiesNews of potential collaborations that were a direct result of MIBA's 2022 Defense Delegation to Israel keeps coming in.  Adaptive Energy, for instance, has 7 different collaborations in the works including actively working on a prototype with Israeli UAV company Bluebird Aero targeting a test flight in Israel in July.  If successful, it would result in a multi-year, multi-million-dollar agreement that would also create several high-tech jobs in Michigan.  In addition, we assembled a catalog of Michigan companies for Israel’s big 3 defense companies to assist them in determining the best fit for their needs.  Many of the delegates are now getting registered as approved vendors for the Israeli Ministry of Defense through the NY Mission office, the IMOD’s purchasing office that is responsible for coordinating up to $3.8 billion per year of defense spending in the US.We also tallied up the results of the delegates survey and we are happy to announce phenomenal results:
  • Average score of 9.5 out of 10 when asked how likely they would recommend an MIBA-led trade delegation to others
  • 9.6 out of 10 on the MIBA logistics and support
  • 9.3 out of 10 on the quality and efficacy of the itinerary
  • A 48% increase in the delegate’s understanding of Israel and Israeli business ecosystem
 In the words of Bruce Smith, the CEO of Detroit Manufacturing Systems who we met with last week, “Anytime you go to Israel, I will send someone from DMS with you.” One more testimonial: "I highly recommend joining a future MIBA trade delegation to companies and organizations interested in expanding ties to Israel. For the defense industry in particular, there is tremendous opportunity to collaborate with Israeli firms and identify partnerships that create wins for both sides. MIBA paid great attention to detail when organizing and executing the trade defense mission to Israel, creating valuable experiences, and opening the doors to new business opportunities for participants."-Alyssa Tracey, Michigan Economic Development Corporation  
The MIBA Visits MDEX The Michigan Defense Exposition (MDEX), one of the premier DOD buyer/supplier events in the country, returned to the live and in-person format in April.  The MIBA took full advantage of the opportunity to rekindle old relationships and forge new ones.  With over 2,000 attendees, almost 100 exhibitors, and several quality speakers and panels, the energy and passion for defense opportunities in Michigan was apparent.  In addition to holding an impromptu defense delegation reunion, Scott and Bernard spent a full day introducing the MIBA to new potential partners and speaking with established collaborators.  
MIBA's 2021 Innovation Report 

The MIBA is pleased to share our 2021 Innovation Report. For the Michigan Israel Business Accelerator (MIBA), 2021 marked another year of innovation, connection, and growth. We continue to be the premier partner for promoting commerce and industry between Israel and Michigan. 

This year's Innovation Report highlights many of our accomplishments and illustrates the progress we've made towards creating economic growth in Michigan.  Click on the button below to access our report or you can visit www.MichiganIsrael.com

MIBA 2021 Innovation Report
Every month we’ll share just a couple of the many unique and exciting Israeli innovations we’ve seen. This month, we are highlighting Israeli technology in the Advanced manufacturing/I4.0 space. If you’re interested in connecting with these companies, please reach out to bernard@michiganisrael.com.
Civan Lasers  https://www.civanlasers.com/While traditional lasers used for welding offer few adjustable parameters beyond power, spot size, and feed rate, Civan’s Dynamic Beam Laser (DBL) allows manufacturers to quickly tailor the welding process to the application. With the ability to control beam shape,beam sequence, shape frequency, and focal depth at MHz speeds without any moving parts, Civan’s disruptive DBL technology not only improve joint quality but also offer increased power, increased feed rates, and more efficient production of new, complex, products made of dissimilar materials. PolyMertal https://polymertal.com/Polymertal provides groundbreaking technology through metallization of polymers, the world’s best material combination for functional parts to the industry. The polymer, along with polymertal’s unique metal layers transforms into the all-new hybrid part that is light-weight and less expensive without losing any of the properties of metal necessary for your application.
MIBA's Member Highlight -City of Southfield
This month's MIBA member highlight is our partners, the City of Southfield.The City of Southfield is one of the premier business and residential addresses in Michigan. Located in Oakland County, Southfield is home to more than 76,000 residents and over 100 “Fortune 500” companies. With a daytime population nearing 175,000, over 27 million square feet of office space and more than seven million square feet of retail and industrial space–Southfield is truly Michigan’s undisputed business center. Southfield boasts more office space than the central business districts of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, or Kansas City. Residents and businesses alike come to Southfield for its central location, excellent city services and easy access to all southeastern Michigan.The City of Southfield is also home to the Centrepolis Accelerator. The Centrepolis Accelerator is accelerating the growth of Michigan's advanced manufacturing, innovative hardware entrepreneurs and small manufactures by providing access to funding, experts and key business and product development resources. The MIBA is grateful for our many years of partnership and friendships that we have made with the For more information on theCity of Southfield, call (248) 796-4161 or email Rochelle Katz-Freeman at rfreeman@cityofsouthfield.com 

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