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Michigan Corners | Some People Have Dreams...Others Just Go Out And Live Them!

Michigan Corners
February 9, 2022 12:00 PM

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"Before you climb into the driver’s seat, you’ve got to be prepared. Prepared to take off so fast that you leave your toupee and clothes floating in the air behind you, cartoon style"! 

Hear Jordan and Vic discuss his path and this great Michigan entertainment destination near East Lansing, for a memorable High Caliber indoor's experience in this six-part episode in the podcast below.

The electric race karts can reach up to 50mph on both indoor tracks...It is an adrenaline-fix rain or shine!

Meet the visionary leader behind the newest (and Hottest) attraction in Michigan! Jordan Munsters is the Chief Fort Officer at High Caliber Karting and Entertainment. A bit of a cross between a mad genius and a brilliant businessman, Jordan is doing what most people only dream about! Opening and expanding with a pandemic looming over everything, High Caliper Karting and Entertainment have the pedal to the metal and going even faster!

Dial-up and listen to this edition of Michigan Corners and hear about this most interesting location for all audiences and occasions!

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Michigan Corners , hosted by Vic Verchereau, discusses all things regarding meetings, events, festivals and tourism. Here at the corner we bring together industry leaders who deliver vital information and help us discover all that's happening in every corner of the state!

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