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Michigan Corners | Bring Your Cowboy Hat!

Michigan Corners
January 18, 2022 2:00 PM

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Down to the core Two Hats Ranch is all about one thing: Service! The demands and expectations of the world simply melt away, leaving visitors with a calm only found in nature. Welcome to Two Hats Ranch!

Hear Colby and Vic discuss his path and this great Michigan destination near Big Rapids, for a memorable outdoor's experience in this six-part episode in the podcast below.

It has been said that for many hunting is a passion. For the Bettis Family it surpassed the passion level and turned into a way of life. Spanning two generations, with the third generation growing in the wings, the hunting business is what this family does. This is not limited to just the hunters in the family either. As a family business, the entire family has been a part of the various operations, from the front office to hostess positions.

With nearly 60 combined years of professional hunting experience under their belt, they admit, they have never stopped learning. Since the 1970’s, from Northern British Columbia across the United States and Alaska the family has brought their experience to west Mishigan. All the lessons they have learned over these past years have culminated into the Two Hats Ranch.

Listen to this edition of the Michigan Corners and hear from Colby Bettis and learn about this hidden gem, right here in the Great Lake State!

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Michigan Corners , hosted by Vic Verchereau, discusses all things regarding meetings, events, festivals and tourism. Here at the corner we bring together industry leaders who deliver vital information and help us discover all that's happening in every corner of the state!

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