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Michigan Business Beat | Pam Lippitt Helps Spotlight The Hill Street Group

Michigan Business Beat
January 10, 2022 4:00 PM

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Chris Holman catches up with longtime friend Pam Lippitt, Owner / Strategic Communications Specialist Hill Street Group, Southfield, MI, She consults with small business and non-profit leaders to maximize each voice, creating confident, savvy leaders and organizations.

Watch Pam and Chris discuss Hill Street Group, and a look at the business and what it does in this YouTube video below:

"The Hill Street Group is a one-stop solution, to help businesses and their employees with communications, and messaging. Have you agreed to do a presentation and then thought, "What did I get myself into?" We can help turn you into a pro." Pam looked to concentrate on a couple of things the importance of good communication in both speaking and writing (ie grammar and proofreading) Being a new WIX Website Partner developing websites for start-ups and small businesses and how communication rolls into that.
As owner of The Hill Street Group, I create communication strategies for individuals and companies to find their competitive edge.
WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE? I have started businesses & run non-profits. This work allows me to think like my clients & end-users. I use my communications experience to help others make great first impressions, turning one-time conversations into long term connections. Interested in having a conversation? Follow me: www.linkedin.com/company/hillstreetgroup.
✅ Presentation Preparation Sessions-This is perfect if you have agreed to present & a little voice in your head is saying “What did I just agree to?”
✅ Road to Leadership-Get noticed in a meeting for the right reasons, develop a clear & confident voice. Learn how to prepare significant & engaging agendas.
✅Team Refresh-Want your team to work in a more cohesive fashion? I lead team exercises showing how to break down existing patterns & give you a fresh start.
✅ Communication Consultation-Bring in Pam Lippitt to do a review of your written assets, to create a cohesive and compelling message.
✅ Presenter/Speaker-Are you looking for an inspirational keynote? Want to improve the communication strategies for your group? Reach out for more info.
✅ International Companies-I help fine-tune presentations, review and update written materials.
✅ Project Support-Not ready for a full hire. Bring Hill Street Group to help get your work done.
OTHER THINGS THAT MAKE UP A FULL WEEK: I am a WIX Marketplace Partner, creating websites through the WIX Platform. I am part of the Ask an Expert program with TechTown. I have taken business leaders to Israel to meet with start-ups and potential partners. While that is not happening during the pandemic, it is never too early to look ahead and plan. I’m available to set up virtual meetings for Israeli start-ups at this time. I host LinkedIn Livecasts featuring unique talents and small business owners.
AND A LITTLE MISC.: I am a great networker and connector. It’s where I thrive. I love to knit and am very crafty. My favorite spot is in my garden. Especially when the Rose of Sharon’s are in bloom. The same bushes were transferred from my grandmother’s garden to my mother’s and now to mine.
FAVORITE QUOTE: I bought a poster in college with this quote. It is still my favorite and my philosophy. “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not.”- Bobby Kennedy
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