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Michigan Business Beat | CAMW! VIP for March 2022 - Julie Pingston - Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau

Michigan Business Beat
March 16, 2022 4:00 PM


Chris Holman visited Julie Pingston, CDME, CMP, CTA / President & CEO Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau in her offices located at 500 E. Michigan Ave., Suite 180, Lansing, MI.

Watch Julie and Chris discuss GLCVB and the talent and employee challenges of the convention, tourism, and hospitality sectors of the Mid-Michigan economy in this YouTube video below:

Julie was selected as the Capital Area Michigan Works! V.I.P. (Very Important Partner) for March 2022. Julie is also noted for taking over the leadership role at GLCVB a matter of days before the COVID-19 lockdown put a halt to the "visiting and conventions" beginning in March of 2020.
In her conversation on the embedded video, she discusses the points shared below:
A stable workforce has been a challenge for all industries over the past two years and especially for the hospitality and tourism industries. Are things improving as we move through the pandemic after two years?
How has the industry responded to meeting the needs of the current workforce?
What can be done to grow jobs in the hospitality sector in the future?
The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau recently held its annual meeting, here's some additional information coming out of that session.

Greater Lansing CVB Reports Rebound of Local Hospitality Industry & Celebrates Ten Long-Standing Businesses 

LANSING, Mich. – The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau (GLCVB) held its annual meeting today and shared the state of the hospitality industry and 2021 local visitor economic impact. It also celebrated a local author as the CTA Star of the Year and recognized 10 area tourism related businesses for milestone anniversaries. Many of which have been in business for 50, 85 and 100 years. 

Find the full 2021 GLCVB annual report and additional details at https://www.lansing.org/about-us/annual-report-and-meeting/ 

Please see attached releases for details and photos of today’s honorees. 

GLCVB Honorees PhotographFront Row Left to Right: Katie Adams, LuAnn Maisner & Allison Goodman, Harris Nature Center; Harea & Hugh Bates, Harry’s PlaceBack Row Left to Right: Erik Larson, Impression 5 Science Center; Adam Seyburn, Peanut Shop; Chris Chamberlain, Michigan Princess Riverboat; Joe Goodsir, Rick’s American Café, Harrison Roadhouse, Harrison Pub & Nuthouse

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