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Michigan 50 Companies to Watch | Public Sector Consultants

Michigan Celebrates Small Business
May 16, 2019 7:00 PM


In a lead-up to 2019's Michigan Celebrates Small Business Gala Celebration Jeffrey Mosher spoke with several winning companies from this cycle.

Here, he speaks with Jeff Williams, CEO of one of Michigan 50 Companies to Watch in 2019, Public Sector Consultants, Lansing, MI

To listen to Bill's full interview please click on the embedded SoundCloud PodCast below! 

Jeff Williams, (Shown Above) CEO of Public Sector Consultants

A policy wunderkind with a knack for numbers, Jeff originally found a home as a part-time analyst at PSC. Working on the firm’s numerous telephone and mail surveys, he discovered his calling: helping clients turn massive piles of raw data into precise, usable knowledge. An information omnivore, Jeff has made a career consuming and synthesizing information on a wide range of subjects, including information and communications technologies, K–12 and higher education, public finance, survey research, evaluation, and organizational structure and management.

Now, as CEO, Jeff serves as the managing partner of the firm, focusing on the company’s finances, information systems, and consulting operations. He also continues to advise clients on strategic planning, large-scale project management, and advocacy strategies. In addition, Jeff is a frequent public speaker and commentator for radio, print, and television outlets seeking nonpartisan analysis—especially during election years!

Jeff has more than 25 years of experience as a policy analyst, systems analyst, statistician, and manager. Prior to joining PSC, he could be found working on the nonpartisan staff of the Michigan State Senate. Passionate about giving back to the local and regional community, he has served on boards and committees for nonprofit organizations throughout the Midwest, including the Delta Institute (a Chicago-based environmental organization) and the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union. 

PSC is an independent, nonpartisan consulting firm that is trusted, respected, and engaged in our community.


Improving the quality of life for residents of Michigan and beyond through the development and implementation of innovative, actionable public policies.


PSC is a force in public policy. Our problem-solving strategies and creative solutions enable us to inform and influence policy making. We recognize the power of good public policy and envision a world where it is shaped by thoughtful discourse and rigorous research—transcending partisanship—for the benefit of all.



PSC is an independent, nonpartisan company that is trusted, respected, and engaged in our community. 


Our work process is collaborative, informed, rigorous, objective, thorough, thoughtful, civil, and inclusive.


Our services are innovative, powerful, and useful.


Our people are honest, smart, passionate, knowledgeable, open, creative, and diverse in skills, experiences, interests, expertise, and perspectives.

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