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Michigan 50 Companies to Watch Nominee | Awecomm

Michigan Celebrates Small Business
December 11, 2018 9:00 AM

awc3In November 2018, over 500 nominees for the 2019 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch were announced. This month after the MCSB nominees event in Old Town, Lansing, Jeffrey Mosher interviews Brent A. Yax, who started out as a founder with others in Southfield, MI, and is now, President & CEO of Awecomm of Troy, MI.
He finds out Brent's career trajectory which led to his current role with the company. Brent shares the history of Awecomm and great things or core services focused on now, As its evolved over the years. 

Jeffrey also finds out whether Brent was previously familiar with Michigan Celebrates, and what being nominated means for the company. They wrap up as Yax shares some more that he'd like the Michigan business community to know about the company.

To hear Brent and Jeffrey's discussion please click play on the PodCast shared below.

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