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Michigan 50 Companies to Watch | METAS Managed Label Services

Michigan Celebrates Small Business
May 17, 2019 10:00 AM


In a lead-up to 2019's Michigan Celebrates Small Business Gala Celebration Jeffrey Mosher spoke with several winning companies from this cycle. 

Here, he speaks with Blake Middleton, Managing Director / Co-founder one of MI 50 Companies to Watch Honoree, METAS Managed Label Services, Grand Rapids, MI.

To listen to Blake's full interview please click on the embedded SoundCloud PodCast below! 

Blake Middleton, (Shown Above) Managing Director / Co-founder of METAS Managed Label Services, Grand Rapids, MI. 

Metas Managed Label Services® provides label production technology and support to business and print converters. Their patent-pending print service model has been able to reduce companies’ label production costs by as much as 50 percent, while at the same time delivering a level of customization and ease not possible with traditional label printing methods. Metas has formed partnerships with tech giants Konica Minolta and Epson to make their tech and service offerings more widely available throughout North America.

“People don’t realize how omnipresent labels are,” said Metas’ partner/managing director Blake Middleton. “Anything you purchase — anything — there’s a label involved somewhere, and usually several of them. The label industry has yet to take full advantage of what today’s tech makes possible, but we’re aiming to change that. The service-oriented tech we provide at Metas means business owners can bring their labeling production in-house and do so with the same level of customization, efficiency and flexibility they expect in every other part of their business. We couldn’t be prouder to be guiding our partners in these new fundamentals of label tech, supply and support.”

“We are very proud and honored,” said Mike Kaman, partner/director of strategies, “to be a part of such a tremendous group of Michigan businesses, a group that shows the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial insight that Michigan has long been known for. At Metas, we see ourselves contributing to that reputation by exploring entirely new spaces in business efficiency and carrying the savings from that efficiency to business owners, which in turn helps them invest more into their own innovation. Label production is an enormous market and it’s primed for huge disruptions. We’re just excited to be the first to see and capitalize on that opportunity and we’re doing it in my hometown, right here in West Michigan.”

“Our family has been in the label printing industry for over 60 years,” said Steve Middleton, partner/founding member. “And now we’re entirely remapping the labeling landscape. The same level of ease, predictability and savings that Xerox brought to the office printing industry — that’s what we’re bringing to the label printing industry.”