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MichBio | Signature Webinar: Pharma and Biotech Investment Analysis with Guest Speakers from JPMorgan

Michigan Business Network
September 25, 2020 11:00 AM

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MichBio is pleased to present a signature webinar on the State of Pharma and Biotech Investments with Guest Speakers from JPMorgan

The combined impact of drug pricing reform and patient affordability, a global pandemic, and increasing public pressure on pharmaceutical companies and the life science industry to put consumers at the center of research has made healthcare THE issue concerning voters, policy-makers, and the general public. The focus begets the question - what is the current state of the industry?
Investment and regulatory changes that have emerged from COVID-19 work, altered management style and company structure as a result of remote employees, as well as growing market segments in genomic medicine and biologics, the continued influx of ‘big data’ in life science research, an increased focus on diversity and inclusion in investment, and a major upcoming election all have implications in the future of healthcare and the bio-industry.
Join the discussion with expert research analysts Chris Schott and Cory Kasimov to ask your questions on the state of the industry and all aspects of the investment landscape.
Cory Kasimov
Managing Director, Sr. Biotechnology Analyst, JPMorgan
Prior to joining the company in 2007, Mr. Kasimov spent three years in a similar capacity at Oppenheimer & Co. He has been ranked for multiple years by Institutional Investor. He’s also been recognized for his stock picking in The Wall Street Journal’s “Best on the Street” survey. Mr. Kasimov holds an MBA and MPH in Health Systems Management from Tulane University, where he also earned a BS in Cell & Molecular Biology

Chris Schott
Managing Director, Sr. Analyst, Major & Specialty Pharma, JPMorgan
Mr. Schott joined the firm in 2008 and has been covering the pharma group since 2002. He has ranked 16 times in the Institutional Investor poll, including #2 position in Major Pharma and #4 position in Specialty Pharma in 2019. Prior to joining J.P. Morgan, he covered the U.S. and EU Major Pharma at Bank of America. Mr. Schott graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Bio-Medical Engineering.
  • Introduction Paul Quinn - Executive Director, JPMorgan Private Bank
  • Moderator Stephen Rapundalo, PhD - President and CEO, MichBio
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