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MICHAuto Report Highlights Michigan's Continued Leadership in Mobility

Michigan Business Network
September 3, 2019 3:00 PM

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Michigan: Global Leader in Next-Generation Mobility

MICHauto, Michigan’s automotive and mobility cluster association, in partnership with PlanetM, published a report highlighting Michigan’s mobility ecosystem. The report details everything from the state’s pilot projects to its education pipeline, connecting the state’s robust automotive and manufacturing past to its mobility future. It also showcases how the state’s business climate has played a key role in attracting top talent as well as technology companies needed for the success of the mobility industry.

Rooted in a century of design engineering and manufacturing expertise, Michigan is leading the automotive industry’s evolution from traditional manufacturer to the research, testing, and deployment of next-generation mobility technology. Comprised of top-notch manufacturers, technology companies, access to the global supply chain, a highly skilled workforce, and best-in class research institutions, Michigan is home to the world’s most dense automotive industry cluster and is well-positioned to drive the industry’s transformation and growth into the next century.

Some statistics: 

  • #1 for operational U.S. Department of Transportation funded and connected vehicle deployments with 11 projects.
  • $12 billion business funded automotive R&D occurs in Michigan annually.
  • 17% of all 2018 U.S. vehicle production and 11% of all North American vehicle production occurred in Michigan.
  • 18 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have headquarters or technology centers in Michigan.
  • 19 universities and colleges in Michigan offer nationally-ranked undergraduate engineering programs and four offer nationally-ranked graduate programs.
  • 22 vehicle models were assembled in Michigan in 2018.
  • $29 billionin OEM and supplier investment in Michigan since 2009, more than three times any other state.
  • 96 of the top 100 automotive suppliers to North America have a presence in Michigan and 60 are headquartered here.
  • 500+ miles of roadway equipped for connected vehicle testing by 2020.Global Mobility Leader graphic

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