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MFEA | Michiganfun.com Newsletter February 2022 Issue 8

Party @ MI Place
February 7, 2022 6:00 PM

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Hello Festivals & Events organizer, I cannot believe that we are already in February of 2022. And the future is looking better with the pandemic becoming more manageable. This is exciting news and it almost feels like we are getting one step closer to normal.
Let’s take advantage of what we can do to assist you in growing your attendance.  Festivals, fairs and events have a major economic impact not only of Michigan’s economy but more importantly, to your home community. Please click on the link below to see what we are all about.
Our Annual Report – www.MichiganFun.com/annualreport 
We have some GREAT News to share with you all. We are going to offer the May, June, July and August edition of MichiganFun.com magazine both virtual and in print. This is the first time that we are printing since the pandemic shut us all down in March of 2020.
Current and Archived editions - https://www.michiganfun.com/publications/
Scroll around these magazines and check out the hyperlinks that takes the viewer to the advertiser’s website.
These will be available at MDOT Visitor Centers, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), Convention & Visitor Centers (CVB) and Chamber of Commerce’s across Michigan. We also market in the Crossings Magazine (Canada’s Travel Magazine).
We have met with our printer and decided that we would expand to 48 pages from the last time when we printed 40 pages. This is being done because we have had a major surge in new membership and expanded events that we felt it necessary to expand. These magazines will debut at the Governor’s Convention on Tourism this April 19-21 at the Grand Traverse Resort. We are still going to offer the magazine digitally with hyperlinks to direct viewers directly to your website for additional information.
But we are going to need your help! This is time sensitive and we need your advertisements, editorials and promotional materials received no later than March 8th to make the print deadline. Anything after that date can still be added to MichiganFun.com website.
Purchase ads online - https://tinyurl.com/SummerFun2022
2022 is the year to get back the momentum and it all starts with the MichiganFun.com Magazine to promote our great festivals, fairs and events, so please don’t miss the publication deadline! 
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Party @ MI Place, hosted by MFEA, reviews festivals and events from around Michigan, looks ahead to upcoming events, and highlights people in the festivals and events industry who are making a difference in Michigan’s economy.

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