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Media Business | Patrice Johnson - Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections

Media Business
April 4, 2022 10:00 AM


Tony Conley is a newer content contributor and show host for Michigan Business Network. To kick off his eighteenth episode, Tony has a three-segment conversation about the Contract with Michigan, the media's coverage of politics and the news in general, and how the media can be better.

He joins Patrice Johnson, Chair, PIME, (Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections), who are currently promoting the Contract with Michigan.

Listen to Patrice and Tony's conversation by clicking on the PodCast playlist below!


They discuss today's media and how it can be better in its coverage of business and the news. They're a grassroots effort that has grown over the past 18 months. Otherwise, Patrice is an Author. Editor. Writer, who cares for her nation.

Several candidates across Michigan are stepping up and pledging their commitment to protecting and defending a dozen civil rights and needs:
1. The right to honest, transparent, fair, and accountable elections run by the State legislature, not by the federal government
2. The right to free speech
3. The right to keep and bear arms
4. States' rights
5. The right to liberty and protection against invasion of privacy through the abuse of technology or bureaucratic agencies
6. The right to due process and the rule of law in an impartial and blind judicial system, and funded and functional police and sheriff systems that protect the citizenry and the republic
7. The need for an educational system that nurtures student understanding of the noble principles in the US and State Constitutions, including the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
8. The right to private property
9. The right to protect the nation against invasion, and the need to preserve the nation’s sovereignty
10. The need to protect and defend the nuclear family and parental rights
11. The need to encourage job creation through pro-growth tax and monetary policies that adhere to fiscal responsibility with no new taxes.
12. The right to secure borders and the need to uphold and enforce immigration laws 

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Media Business , hosted by Tony Conley,As a media veteran with more than 25 years of working experience working in television, radio, print, and social media platforms, Tony and his guests will explore the business of the media. Does the media care about journalistic integrity, proper reporting, making profits, telling all sides of every story? Is the media now an opinion based entity focused on its own agenda and do they favor sides? How does the media influence business and how does business influence the media? What are the solutions to the frenzy of Media Madness? Media Business will present all sides of these stories and let you decide.