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MEDC | Michiganders Granted Relief from Unemployment Benefit Tax Penalties and Interest

Michigan Business Network
February 12, 2021 3:00 PM



Michiganders Granted Relief from Unemployment Benefit Tax Penalties and Interest

Michiganders who collected state unemployment benefits last year will not be required to pay penalty and interest related to underpaid estimated tax payments, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

 Effective immediately, the state Treasury Department has granted an automatic waiver of all penalties and interest related to underpaid estimated tax payments owed by taxpayers who received unemployment benefits in 2020. All taxpayers who received unemployment during the 2020 tax year will automatically receive this waiver. Because this waiver is automatic, taxpayers do not need to contact the state Treasury Department or provide any additional documentation for a waiver be applied.

Additional details related to waiver of penalties and interest on estimated tax payments can be found in the state Treasury Department’s Notice to Taxpayers, “Estimated Tax Penalty and Interest Waiver for Individuals who Received Unemployment Benefits in Tax Year 2020.”


Michigan’s COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy now available

Earlier this month, Governor Whitmer announced the formation of the Protect Michigan Commission, which highlighted the state’s vaccine strategy as part of its first meeting. That strategy will help get 70 percent of Michiganders age 16 and older vaccinated as quickly as possible. The strategy is being guided by the following guiding principles:

  • All Michiganders have equitable access to vaccines.
  • Vaccine planning and distribution is inclusive and actively engages state and local government, public and private partners; and draws upon the experience and expertise of leaders from historically marginalized populations.
  • Communications are transparent, accurate, and frequent public communications to build public trust.
  • Data is used to promote equity, track progress and guide decision making.
  • Resource stewardship, efficiency, and continuous quality improvement drive strategic implementation.


MEDC helps Michigan businesses grow though B2B matchmaking

With access to a vast and diverse supplier network, Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC) connects Michigan suppliers of goods and services with local, domestic and global buyers. PMBC connects purchasers with suppliers and facilitate one-on-one meetings; provides targeted lists of companies to meet procurement needs; and has helped Michigan businesses pivot in the wake of COVID-19. Sign up for the PMBC newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming summits, opportunities and program news.


Join the first Michigan Outdoor Industry Supplier Summit March 23

The Michigan Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry, along with the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable and MEDC’s Pure Michigan Business Connect, will host the first Michigan Outdoor Industry Supplier Summit. This no-cost, virtual event will provide a platform for supply chain matchmaking between Michigan product and service suppliers and the outdoor recreation industry. Additionally, attendees will be able to participate in an educational webinar, networking opportunities and one-on-one buyer/supplier meetings.


Full STEAM Ahead: How Michigan Colleges and Companies are Advancing the Talent Pipeline

From Whirlpool’s decadelong support of FIRST Robotics to Muskegon Community College’s unique Makerspace Michigan’s private sector and academic leaders are investing in programs and partnerships to fill a STEAM pipeline for decades to come.


Additional Resources Available Online

Access additional COVID-19 resources for businesses and communities by visiting michiganbusiness.org/covid19Read more about programs supporting economic recovery for Michigan businesses by visiting michiganbusiness.org/covid19response.

Visit michigan.gov/coronavirus to find other valuable resources for employers, workers, residents and communities.

About Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is the state’s marketing arm and lead advocate for business development, job awareness and community development with the focus on growing Michigan’s economy. For more information on the MEDC and our initiatives, visit www.MichiganBusiness.org. For Pure Michigan® tourism information, your trip begins at www.michigan.org 

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