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MBN Celebrating 10 Years! Inaugural Episode with Jim Herbert

Michigan Business Beat
July 5, 2021 11:00 AM

neogen-corporation-vector-logo CroppedMBN has reached its 10-year mark as of July 4, 2021.

“Spotlight guest of the week” for the inaugural episodes of ‘Michigan Business Beat’ back in July 2011, was Jim Herbert (now former) CEO of Neogen Corporation. To hear Jim and Chris on this inaugural segment from MBN's archives, click play on the podcast below.

While the business community is familiar with the fact that Mr. Herbert stepped down as its chairman back in April of this year, and he has been succeeded by Jim Borel. Herbert will continue to serve on NEOGEN’s Board of Directors until his term expires in October 2020.

Herbert, 80, is a founder of NEOGEN, and served as the company’s CEO from its founding in 1982 until July 2017, when John Adent was named to the role. Herbert has served on NEOGEN’s Board since its inception and had served as its chairman since 2006. “I am proud of all that NEOGEN has become during my 37 years,” said Herbert. Additionally, James Herbert stepped away from serving as its chairman, being succeeded by Jim Borel in April 2020. Herbert continued to serve on NEOGEN’s Board of Directors until his term expired last October.

In the podcast above he shares the companies’ recent good financial news where their net worth had topped a billion dollars. Jim goes on to cover the company’s (at that point) 29-year history, along with focusing on what Neogen was all about – Animal and Food Safety. From there Chris Holman and Jim discuss more of the evolution of technology over the past three decades and how it and business expansion has shifted their operations.

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