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Local Businesses Join Forces to Revitalize Lansing’s Eastside

Michigan Business Beat
October 7, 2020 2:00 PM

Allen Place ProjectWatch Chris Laurent, President of Cinnaire Solutions, Joan Nelson, Executive Director of Allen Neighborhood Center, and Brandie Ekren, Executive Director of Lansing Board of Water and Light (LBWL) talk with Chris Holman about the Allen Place Project. The project will provide mixed-income housing and serve as a hub for a wide range of community services.

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In interview part 1 of 2, Chris talks about Cinnaire Solutions involvement in the project as well as their partnership with the Allen Neighborhood Center (ANC). Joan Nelson, Executive Director of ANC, then shares their perspective on the project.

In this interview, Chris talks to Brandie Ekren, Executive Director of Strategic Planning for Lansing Board of Water and Light about their involvement in the Allen Place Project.

About Allen Place Project


After more than 21 years of providing food and health related services to Lansing residents, the Allen Neighborhood Center (ANC) is undertaking a major rebuild. Cinnaire Solutions and ANC have partnered to raise a total of $11 million to support the project, resulting in the creation of 14 full-time jobs. Since 2018, Cinnaire Solutions, the in-house development affiliate of Cinnaire, has partnered with ANC Holdings, LLC, to generate funding and bring about this comprehensive development project. Cinnaire has invested $5.9 million to support the rehabilitation and significant expansion of the ANC to create Allen Place, a project at the intersection of food, health, housing and energy innovation. Cinnaire Lending provided a $300,000 predevelopment loan to support the vital first steps toward making this project a reality.

Full article at: https://cinnaire.com/cinnaire-allen-neighborhood-center-join-forces-to-revitalize-lansings-eastside/

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