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Growing Family Owned Manufacturer Focused on Employees and Community

Build Smart. Lead Strong.
January 5, 2021 9:00 AM

Lyons Industries 2-1Lyons Industries, third-generation family-owned manufacturer in Dowagiac, MI continued to grow throughout 2020. With over 100 employees, Lyons Industries is dedicated to serving clients, employees, and the community. In the coming year, they will focus on two keys areas. Building on their strong company culture, and leveraging resources to continue adopting industry 4.0 technologies to support growth. Check out the podcast to hear more about Lyons Industries, their 2021 focus areas, and hear about opportunities they have for individuals seeking to join a great team.

About Lyons Industries

Lyons_Logo_2009Based in Dowagiac, Michigan, Lyons Industries produce more than 1,500 bathtubs and showers every day, 5-6 days a week. With dozens of unique designs, each product combines strength and aesthetic appeal, so consumers can find one that meets their individual needs. They commit themselves to these principles of Excellence to best serve customers and employees: Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Quality and Service. A quality product and outstanding service attracts and retains customers. Great quality and service can only be achieved by enthusiastic people who are prepared to meet the future, who are honest, ethical and care.

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Build Smart. Lead Strong., co-hosted by Jennifer Deamud, highlights the innovative work being done by Michigan manufacturers. She talks with small manufactures all across Michigan, in rural communities as well as urban that are building smart and leading strong. Industry experts share how they are supporting small manufacturers innovate, pivot to capture new opportunities and stay on a growth path.

1:00 PM every Tuesday
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