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Grand ‘Ride and Drive’ Event at MI State Capitol Showcased Latest in Electric Vehicles

Michigan Business Network
May 20, 2022 11:00 AM


Event featured electric cars, SUVs, transport vehicles, school buses, and more as lawmakers eye state’s mobility future

LANSING – Automakers and clean mobility groups joined together to host today’s “Ride and Drive” event, a grand electric vehicle debut on the Capitol lawn. The event showcased 17 of the latest electric vehicles – cars SUVs, transport vehicles, and buses – alongside companies that supply and recycle materials used while manufacturing these vehicles.

The May 17 event was hosted by: Clean Fuels Michigan, the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum (MICEF)EVHYBRIDNOIRE, the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, and  MICHauto. Exhibits were provided by: Ford, General Motors,  Stellantis,  Rivian,  Bollinger,  ONE, Ascend Elements, Blink Charging, Consumers Energy, Gen H2Electrification CoalitionFontaine Modification, and NAVISTAR. 

The showcase took place from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and brought together all aspects of the electric vehicle revolution taking place right here in Michigan. The vendors and automakers promoted electric vehicles to lawmakers and provided an opportunity to test drive an electric vehicle, allowing many to learn more about the burgeoning industry.

“As the statewide voice for the automotive and mobility industry, MICHauto is a committed champion of Michigan’s EV Revolution,” said Glenn Stevens Jr., Executive Director of MICHauto. “Initiatives like Clean Fuels Michigan and Conservative Energy Forum assist with fostering the education and collaboration needed to transform our state.”

“Today’s event was a great opportunity to discuss General Motors’ all-electric future and the speed we’re moving to build it,” said Brian O’Connell, regional director of state government relations for General Motors. “Both the GMC Hummer EV and Chevrolet Bolt EUV and EV are built in Michigan, where we’ve also recently announced $7 billion in EV manufacturing investments. We’re committed to our zero-emissions future and the role Michigan will play.” 

“We’re working closely with advanced battery manufacturers and electric vehicle OEMs to recycle used EV batteries and engineer sustainable battery materials for the clean-energy transition,” said Michael O’Kronley, CEO of Ascend Elements. “Lithium-ion battery recycling and materials recovery needs to become standard operating practice across the industry to minimize our dependence on mining, protect the environment and conserve valuable battery metals.”

"MICEF is excited to bring the EV transformation directly to state policymakers. It's all here - EVs, charging technology, battery R&D, and recycling. The revolution is coming quickly, and Michigan needs to be ready," said Ed Rivet, Executive Director of MICEF.

“Bollinger Motors, headquartered in Oak Park, Michigan, is designing commercial medium-duty EVs from the ground up. Bollinger's Class 3 to Class 6 purpose-built platforms and chassis cabs have the flexibility to meet most commercial customers electric applications and will be assembled in Michigan,” said Frank Jenkins, Chief Commercial Officer for Bollinger Motors. "We're proud to take the hard work we have put into our trucks and provide electric-chassis solutions for commercial customers in a segment where large payloads, sufficient range, and long-life durability are practically mandatory."

"The exhibitors at the EV Showcase Ride and Drive are excellent examples of the many companies employing hardworking Michiganders to build electric vehicles, batteries, charging stations, and more," said Jane McCurry, Executive Director of Clean Fuels Michigan. "We hope that this comprehensive display of the electric transportation supply chain will make it clear to policymakers that the transition to cleaner vehicles is underway." 


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