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Gov. Whitmer Awards $3 Million to Michigan Cities to Upgrade Infrastructure, Making Communities More Attractive for Economic Investment

Michigan Business Network
May 16, 2022 9:00 AM

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LANSING, Mich. – This past Wednesday, during Economic Development Week, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a total of $3 million is being awarded to fund infrastructure and public safety enhancements in 11 municipalities that will help move the municipality toward financial stability.   

“Today’s grants will help protect public safety and enhance infrastructure in nearly a dozen communities across Michigan,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “As a former prosecutor, public safety is a core issue for me and I want families feel safe at home in the streets. And as a governor focused on the kitchen-table issues, I want high-quality roads, bridges, and water infrastructure so people can get to where they need to go safely and have access to clean, safe drinking water. The projects being funded today will help us keep getting things done for our hardworking people and resilient communities. Together, we will protect public safety and improve infrastructure, building on our growing economic momentum as we keep moving Michigan forward.”   

For fiscal year 2022, the Michigan Legislature appropriated $2.5 million for the program, with a $500,000 carryover from the previous fiscal year.  The Financially Distressed Cities, Villages and Townships (FDCVT) Grant Program has a $2 million cap per municipality and grants are awarded based on applications submitted by the municipality.   

“The Michigan Department of Treasury looks forward to working with our local partners to find projects that could help move a community toward financial stability,” said State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks. “Our team will ensure these grants are provided to our local communities as expeditiously as possible.”   

The following communities will receive funding this year, with projects and amounts noted (alphabetical order):   

Benton Harbor City 

Public safety enhancement through replacement of one fire engine 


“The City of Benton Harbor is indeed grateful to Governor Whitmer and the State of Michigan for the $425,000 FDCVT grant to purchase a new fire truck. This grant will go a long way toward enhancing the safety and security of the Citizens of Benton Harbor and improving the City’s financial position in relation to its equipment needs.”  

-- Ellis Mitchell, City Manager  

Ecorse City 

Public safety enhancement through installation of surveillance cameras and security doors 


Ecorse City 

Public service enhancement through renovation of police center 


“The city of Ecorse would like to thank the Treasury office and the Governor's office for providing the City of Ecorse with the very needed grant funds so we can enhance our jail and the security of our City Hall.” -- Lamar Tidwell, Mayor of the City of Ecorse  

Gaastra City 

Water system enhancement through replacement of water meters 


“I am very grateful for this grant. It will allow the City of Gaastra residents to have updated water meters. Many are outdated and getting costly to repair, and as we all know, budgets are tight. I am thankful for this grant to allow the City to run more efficiently” -- Tom Place, Gaastra Mayor 

Hamtramck City 

Public safety enhancement through installation of surveillance cameras and security doors 


“The City of Hamtramck appreciates the continuing support of the state of Michigan to ensure safety and security of our staff and public in our city facilities.” -- Amer Ghalib, Mayor  

Harper Woods City 

Public safety enhancement through replacement of emergency generator 


“The City of Harper Woods is grateful for the FDCVT grant to purchase a “whole house” generator to power our City Hall during storm power outages due to fallen trees. Our residents love our tree city and managing our urban forest just got a little easier due to this grant.” -- John Szymanski, Acting City Manager  

Highland Park City 

Public safety enhancement through replacement of emergency generator 


“On behalf of the City of Highland Park community, we are grateful to the State of Michigan for awarding FDCVT funds for the purchase of a generator for the Recreation Center. The Recreation Center serves the community in many ways such as a Covid-19 testing and vaccination hub; it provides programs for seniors, youth and adults; and serves as a regional sheltering site for the American Red Cross. This generator allows for uninterrupted services and provides assurance to the community that they will have a place to go in the event of an emergency.” -- Hubert Yopp, Mayor  

Inkster City 

Water system enhancement through replacement of fire hydrants 


Inkster City 

Water system enhancement through replacement of water valves 


“The City of Inkster is very appreciative of the funding provided by the State of Michigan via the FDCVT grant program. These funds will allow us to complete projects that are critical to the operation of our city. We look forward to utilizing the awarded funds in a manner that will please our grantor and support our community residents.” -- Darryl Greene, City Treasurer  

Melvindale City 

Public service enhancement through replacement of equipment 


Melvindale City 

Public safety enhancement through replacement of patrol vehicles and equipment 


“The FDCVT award is great news! The State of Michigan (FDCVT grants) will assist the City of Melvindale with much-needed funding for the Police Department and the Department of Public Works.  These departments are two of the most vital to communities. The funding is far-reaching and will serve all residents, businesses, employees and any visitors to Melvindale. The grants will allow the City to use its limited financial resources to provide other necessary services. On behalf of the City of Melvindale, thank you very much for the funding, assistance and cooperation.” -- Richard Ortiz, City Administrator, Finance Director  

Ontonagon Village 

Water system enhancement through replacement of water meters 


“The Village of Ontonagon is excited to receive FDCVT funding to upgrade our water metering system. We anticipate that our entire community will benefit from these upgrades which will streamline water billing while considerably reducing labor costs. In turn, our resources can be utilized to better serve our residents in numerous other areas.” -- William DuPont, Village Manager  

Peck Village 

Water system enhancement through replacement of fire hydrants 


“The Village of Peck is grateful and very surprised for the grant award. It was written by me and is only the second grant I have written. It will allow our DPW workers to concentrate on other projects around the village. Fiscally it will cut down on labor and parts cost on repair and maintenance of our aging fire hydrants.” -- Tim Heiden, Village Supervisor  

Royal Oak Township 

Water system enhancement through replacement of a water main 


“This funding means a great deal to our small community, the water system improvements that can be completed with this money will provide our residents and critical customers with higher quality water, improved pressures, fire protection and more reliable water supply. With this money we will be able to provide a more robust supply of water to critical customers along our 8 Mile corridor. Without your help this work to help move our Township forward would not be possible.” -- Donna Squalls, Township Supervisor  

Financially Distressed Cities, Villages and Townships (FDCVT) Grant Program   

Municipalities can participate in the FDCVT Grant Program if they are experiencing one or more conditions indicative of “probable financial stress” as outlined within state law. The grants fund specific projects, services, or strategies that move a city, village, or township toward financial stability.   

Across Michigan, communities large and small continue to be challenged by the increased cost of maintaining and enhancing their critical infrastructure, as well as new threats posed by the increasingly severe climate‐related weather events. To address these challenges and increase public safety for all Michigan residents, the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2023 recommendation includes $276 million of one‐time general fund for investments to address critical infrastructure needs in our state’s communities. This general fund is in addition to $578 million of new federal transportation and state restricted funding also included in the Fiscal Year 2023 budget.   


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