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Next Week! GBClub Feb 17: Talking Tech and IP in the U.S. & China

globalEDGE Business Beat
February 11, 2021 12:00 PM

gbcmm2TikTok, WeChat & More: Talking Tech and IP in The U.S. & China

Part of the China & The World Speaker Series

The ​U.S. and China compete for global dominance in the areas of tech and innovation; however, in an era of global firms and global citizens they must also learn to cooperate.

The ​U.S. espouses free speech while the Trump administration pushed for banning social media platforms like TikTok and WeChat. How will the new administration move forward?  China wants to be taken seriously as a global player but is often seen as disregarding global standards and norms. How can these two superpowers find common ground?  

Who should attend: Students, faculty, businesspersons, and anyone interested in learning more about US-China relations.

Panel Speakers:

  • Farok Contractor, Distinguished Professor, Management & Global Business, Rutgers Business School
  • Jean Schtokal, International Business & Export Controls Attorney, Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith PC
  • Conrad Wong, Consul & Intellectual Property Rights Officer, USPTO, Guangdong, China

This program is offered in conjunction with MSU Asian Studies Center and the Office of China Programs
Here was an interview we did with panelist Jean Schtokal:

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