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Extended Talk with 'The Sentence' Award-Winning Filmmaker, Rudy Valdez

The Magic Hour
February 11, 2019 8:00 AM

Reel_Rudy_VFor the second episode of Michael McCallum of Rebel Pictures' new program "The Magic Hour", he chose to catch up with a fellow Lansing Community College alum Rudy Valdez. In these five segments they share insight into the Award-Winning documentary 'The Sentence'. 


Here's your digest run-down of their discussion, Please click on the SoundCloud PodCast shared below to HEAR this episode.

1) Host Michael McCallum introduces award-winning documentary filmmaker, LCC alum and long time friend, Rudy Valdez. They discuss his award-winning documentary, 'The Sentence'.
2) Host Michael McCallum continues the conversation with award-winning documentary filmmaker, Rudy Valdez. They discuss how his powerful and poignant documentary, 'The Sentence', came about and how it changed from just something personal for his family to a project with a much larger impact.
3) Continued conversation with host Michael McCallum his guest, award-winning documentary filmmaker, Rudy Valdez. They talk about The Sundance Film Festival, Traverse City Film Festival and all the festivals his film, 'The Sentence', has played at.
4) Host Michael McCallum continues conversation with award-winning documentary filmmaker, Rudy Valdez, and the impact his film, 'The Sentence' is having with creating a conversation on the film's subject, mandatory minimums and their effect on families and the community.
5) Host Michael McCallum and guest, award-winning documentary filmmaker, Rudy Valdez, discuss their long time friendship and their time in the Theatre Program at Lansing Community College. Their former teacher, Andy Callis, is praised and teased at the same time.

What about track 6?? It was timely and special and had its own blog. (click that link or check the second SoundCloud below!)

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