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Dollars & Sense with Patrick Heller

Dollars and Sense
October 8, 2018 7:00 AM

20180608 Pat with PERC Holly Fretwell

Patrick J. Heller recently hit the road to catch up with some great interviews for his latest collection of 'Dollars and Sense'. Shared below are basic descriptions of his conversations, along with to PodCast where you can hear those interviews.

Segments 1 and 2

Holly Fretwell, who is the Director of Outreach and a Research Fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center.  The organization calls itself the home of free market environmentalism.  The interview focuses on how to preserve and improve the environment through private means more effectively than through government means. 

More details at: https://www.perc.org/people/holly-fretwell/


20180608 Pat with Startup Societies Mark Frazier

Segments 3 and 4

Mark Frazier, who is the chair of the Startup Societies Foundation and also the president and cofounder of Openworld, Inc, which is a nonprofit research group specializing in land value appreciation as a means of privately funding public goods.  More information is at http://independent.academia.edu/MarkFrazier



20180608 Pat with Cato Institute Corey DeAngelisSegments 5 and 6

Corey DeAngelis, who is a Policy Analyst at the Cato Center for Educational Freedom.  He co-authored a report with Ben DeGrow of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy titled “Doing More With Less:  The Charter School Advantage In Michigan (posted at https://www.mackinac.org/s2018-01).  His research often focuses on the level of education delivered per dollar of expenditure.  More details at https://www.cato.org/people/corey-deangelis

 Listen now!


Dollars and Sense, hosted by Patrick Heller, keeps you up-to-date and knowledgeable on economic, currency, and commodity issues.

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