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Dave Heisey: Crestcom | Discussing Business Acumen

Michigan Business Beat
November 28, 2019 2:00 PM

heiccJeffrey Mosher welcomes Dave Heisey back into the MBN studio. Together they reviewed one of October's modules for Crestcom training.

Dave is President of DRH Enterprises, LLC, Grass Lake, MI, and a Crestcom training facilitator in Michigan. His sessions are currently held in Lansing and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

To hear Dave and Jeffrey discuss how leaders shape decisions , click play on the PodCast below.


This month Dave is primarily discussing business acumen.

Crestcom defines business acumen as “The ability to understand how your business operates and makes money, and to proactively anticipate, navigate and leverage trends impacting your business”.  Now certainly, we’d expect the President, CEO or Owner of an organization to have business acumen - if they don’t, the organization is probably in trouble.  But how powerful would it be to have an entire team of leaders, and an entire workforce, that contributes to an organizations thinking when it comes to business acumen.

Our business acumen model consists of 4 key areas - Future Trends, Organizational Drivers, Organizational Performance and External Factors.  This month’s module features Thomas Frey, a well known and often quoted futurist at the DaVinci Institute in Colorado.  One of his most frequently publicized predictions is that he expects we’ll lose 2 billion jobs over the next 20 years.

As technology continues to advance, it will displace work that people are currently doing - for example pizza delivery drivers and autonomous vehicles.  In 2018, there were approximately 1.5 million pizza delivery drivers in the US (Bureau of Labor Statistics), so these folks will have to re-skill, re-train and obtain a different type of employment.  That means fewer pizza delivery uniforms, a potential change in fuel consumption (autonomous vehicles utilizing a commercial instead of public fueling station), fewer vehicle accidents, and other issues I’m sure I’m missing.  So if your business supplies pizza delivery uniforms, or cleaning for those uniforms, or if your business is a public gas station, or your business is an auto body shop, you may be impacted by this change.  


Listen to Jeffrey and I discuss business acumen to learn more about the 4 key areas, and what you can do as a leader to prepare your team, group or organization for rapid changes that can impact everyone.

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