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Business Development in Marquette County

U.P. Perspectives
February 25, 2019 4:00 PM

lscp-logoNews from Amy Clickner and  Lake Superior Community Partnership:

In 2018, our business development team visited with nearly 500 businesses in Marquette County. For the LSCP, that was a new record! Thanks to all of you who opened your office door to speak with us and allow us to hear your challenges and opportunities. Many of you toured us through your facilities providing a hands on experience that helps us better understand your industry and how we may be able to assist.

While you’ve heard me talk about the talent crisis many businesses are facing, I wish I could tell you things have changed. However, it remains one of the top challenges facing businesses of all size and sector, which is why the LSCP has several tools and partners that can assist those in search of that perfect employee.

Our website, www.marquette.org, has an entire section of resources under “jobs and talent”. There are links to a variety of job websites and information on engaging in internships or apprenticeships. We also post a “Job of the Week” on the website and throughout our social media platforms. Quarterly, we produce a Talent Newsletter to highlight activities and resources our investors may be interested in using.

On February 28, you will want to grab a copy of the new Career Technical Education (CTE) magazine highlighting the many opportunities for students to be trained for fast growing, high paying careers. If you are a high school sophomore in Marquette or Alger County, you will receive one at school. The number of organizations, educational institutions and businesses that come together to develop the magazine and all the programs inside is staggering!

Are you working on a talent recruitment plan? We can help with that too. The “insight” software that we have, along with a certified user, have already provided critical intel to businesses looking to recruit employees to the region. We want employers to use their resources as effectively as possible and know our data can help.

Might wages be an issue in your search for employees? We can help with that too. By providing wage studies, as a service, businesses can quickly benchmark what they are paying against state and national averages. Perhaps by adjusting wages, you will find more candidates for your open positions.

Lastly, coming up is another collaborative effort between the LSCP, MARESA and Michigan Works. You may be familiar with Business After Hours, but have you heard of Industry After Hours? This event is to be held at Dan Perkins Construction on Tuesday, February 26 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. There will be hands-on activities with Dan Perkins and the Westwood High School Building Trades Program students. This event is open to students and parents wanting more information about entering a career in skilled trades.

What are you doing to meet your talent needs now and into the future? If the LSCP, and our many partners, can assist please give our Business Development Team a call at (906) 226-6591.

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For more information on the Lake Superior Community Partnership at www.marquette.org.


For more information contact the Lake Superior Community Partnership at 906-226-6591.

The Lake Superior Community Partnership (LSCP) is the region’s leading resource for economic development, providing a wide variety of affordable and effective development services. The LSCP helps our partners make the connections that matter – between businesses, organizations, leaders and legislators, and provides a powerful legislative voice

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