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Bottom Line IT | How Neogen is Using Blockchain and Advanced Technology to Improve Food Safety

Bottom Line IT
March 23, 2021 3:00 PM

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Bottom Line I.T. PodCast for March 2021.

Blockchain technology may seem like a complicated industry buzzword but when you break it down, it is pretty simple. Blockchain technology allows for many participants to have access to a single version of a piece of data and the transaction history. To preserve the integrity of the data, it cannot be deleted or edited without notifying all the parties involved.

In this episode of the Bottom Line IT Show, Mike Maddox talks about the recent partnership between Neogen and ripe.io with guests, Joe Heinzelmann, director of business development at Neogen, and Philip Harris, co-founder and president at ripe.io.

Give this six segment episode with Joe and Phillip a listen in the podcast below:

When you think about a typical supply chain – for instance a farmer, distributor, and a grocery store – you can start to see how the integrity of the data can be important. The partnership between Neogen and ripe.io brings together Neogen’s incredible expertise in food safety and animal genetics with ripe.io’s technology innovation and AI knowledge.

Philip explains the farm to fork concept and how ripe.io extends the insight far beyond each end of the spectrum. He uses the example of a dairy cow and how blockchain is applied. He points out that what blockchain essentially does is create a digital copy of the dairy cow. This allows them to start collecting data on the cow before it is even born. Data is collected on the heard management plan from the farmer, how the cow lives, what it eats, its medical history, its welfare, and so much more. Once the milk from the cow is produced, then it goes through food safety and quality checks. All the data is collected, and moves through the supply chain, allowing all the different participates (like the farmer, distributor and grocer) to have a single version of the data.

Check out the podcast as Mike goes deep into conversation with Philip and Joe about this incredible use of blockchain technology.

Picture1_NeogenJoe Heinzelmann is a director of business development at Neogen. Prior to Neogen he worked in various sales and marketing positions in the nanotechnology space until he joined Neogen in 2011. He’s been in food safety for almost a decade, and at Neogen he’s held a variety of commercial roles. Currently Joe leads our business development activities for Neogen Analytics. His undergrad is from Albion College, and has an MBA from Northwood University.

Picture2_ripeioPhilip Harris is a Co-Founder and President at ripe.io recognized by Forbes as “25 Most Innovative Ag-Tech Startups, Ag Funder’s Most Innovative Supply Chain Start Up, and most recently Rabobank’s award for top 5 Emerging Leadership in Innovation. He brings 30 years of experience from global capital markets and financial services industry to the food and agriculture supply chains empowering a tectonic, once in a generation digitization transformation. ripe.io is acknowledged as an innovative thought leader and operator, forging ahead at intersection of fin-tech, ag-tech and food-tech bringing blockchain, IOT, machine learning and AI capabilities to provide visibility and business automation across the food supply chain.

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