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Bottom Line I.T. | Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Cyber Security with Phil Sponsler

Bottom Line IT
August 18, 2020 2:00 PM


Bottom Line I.T.  for mid August 2020.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, protecting your company’s data is more important than ever before; especially as organizations shift their operations to be entirely remote in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surprisingly, there are still many misconceptions surrounding cybersecurity that continue to circulate in the business world.

Give this six segment episode with Phil and Mike a listen in the podcast shared below:

On this episode of Bottom Line IT, host Mike Maddox of ASK sits down with Phil Sponsler who is the President of Orbitform. Together, they debunk the most common myths surrounding cybersecurity and reveal some sobering truths that might be the wakeup call your organization needs.

As a business leader, the threat of data breaches and ransomware attacks is something Phil understands extremely well. In fact, Orbitform has been the subject of three separate cyberattacks themselves. (we’ll circle back to that in a second).

This brings up the first misconception Mike and Phil talk about during the show: “cyber criminals only target larger businesses, so I’m not worried about mitigating my risk.”

“It’s not a matter of if but when,” Phil points out during the conversation, “if you think your little mom and pop shop isn’t going to be a victim...you are going to be attacked, there’s no question.”

Phil goes on to talk about his company’s decision to connect start implementing proactive cyber security measures with ASK’s guidance. 3-years after onboarding those solutions, they experienced their first ransomware attack.

This attack shut them down for 4-hours before ASK was able to remediate the threat.

“We have 110 employees and 105 of them have computers,” Phil explains, “while we were impressed with the response, ASK was great in offering additional training and guidance that would help us avoid and address these threats even quicker.” Their next two cyberattacks were remediated in under 5-minutes.

Mike and Phil continue to uncover other shocking myths during the episode. You can listen to the full segment below. If your organization is ready to level up your cyber protection, ASK’s cybersecurity bundle is exactly what you need. Head over to their website to learn more and take advantage of their FREE diagnostic testing to match you with the exact solutions you need. You can learn more about Orbitform through their website and connect with Phil on LinkedIn.

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