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Beyond the Mission | COVID Series - Impact on Insurance with Lyman & Sheets Insurance Agency

Beyond the Mission
November 5, 2021 4:00 PM


Vicki Hamilton-Allen covers the topic of COVID-19's Impact on the Insurance Industry with Lyman & Sheets Insurance Company. Her guest: Matt Waligorski!
Matt Waligorski is an insurance agent with Lyman & Sheets Insurance Company in Lansing, MI. He has earned the title of an expert when insuring the construction and commercial sectors with his 20 years of experience.

Listen below to Vicki Hamilton-Allen and Matt Waligorski discuss insurance and COVID - and other new industry challenges.

Waligorski manages inherent financial and property risk with experience in traditional risk transfer as well as risk management, self-insurance, and captive insurance programs. Waligorski, a seasoned networker, has developed multiple programs for a range of clients since 2000.

Waligorski earned his BBA from Adrian College. While studying he acquired years of construction-specific experience while working as a roofer for his father’s residential roofing company.

Waligorski serves on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Capital Region, he lives in Lansing, loves golf, and is committed to running with his dog.

In the interview: Vicki Hamilton-Allen chats with Insurance Agent, Matt Waligorski about the impact of COVID-19 on the insurance industry and insuring non-profits. Waligorski offers advice on critical policies non-profit businesses should have in place and why. Insurance doesn’t have to be a risky business!

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Beyond the Mission, hosted by Vicki Hamilton-Allen, welcomes friendly discussions with high-caliber guests to explore successful strategies, tactics, and tools being leveraged by some of the largest nonprofit and for-profit organizations in the State of Michigan. Many business practices discussed can be scaled and implemented or leveraged in organizations pursuing missions over profits. Hamilton-Allen seeks to unveil a small gem of interesting personal information about each of her guests too! Topics include business strategies, triple bottom line, corporate social responsibility, and interesting perspectives.

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