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Bekum America Corporation is a CAMW! MVP

Michigan Business Beat
August 29, 2018 2:00 PM

bekum-america_owler_20160826_060957_originalJeffrey Mosher welcomes Amy Busch, Human Resources Manager, Bekum America Corporation which is a CAMW! MVP organization.

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Bekum America Corporation is where many household and name brand containers begin. They produce several everyday products for a variety of industries including ag chem, apparel, automotive, canisters, dairy, food and beverage, household products, industrial packaging, lubricants, medical, personal care and technical parts. Six different skilled trades positions are essential in the creation of their products. This includes electricians, welders, machine assemblers, machinists, field service technicians and mechatronics professionals.

They are just one of many companies in the region that rely on skilled tradespeople each day and we are always in need of more talented professionals to fill these positions. It is so important for students approaching the end of high school to know they have options other than a college degree. They offer an award-winning education program unlike any other at Bekum.

Their program integrates on-the-job training in addition to offsite job-related courses. The best part is that their apprenticeships are paid, and participants are not required to pay for classes. Bekum covers the required classes costs in full. The positions offered through our manufacturing skilled trades apprenticeship program include: machinists, machine builders, industrial electricians, steel fabrication/welders and mechatronics. 

They look for graduating high school seniors with a 3.0 minimum GPA. High school transcripts, a letter of recommendation, a current resume and a valid driver’s license are required for consideration.

More information about our apprenticeship program can be found at bekumamerica.com or interested students can reach out to me via email at hr@bekumamerica.com

To hear Amy and Jeffrey's conversation please click play on the embedded SoundCloud PodCast shared below.


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