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Automation Alley | June 2020 E-Newsletter

Michigan Business Network
June 2, 2020 4:00 PM


The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruptions across societies and industries, forcing us to alter the way we live day-to-day and, of course, the way we do business. We can’t diminish the human and economic toll this crisis has caused, but in order to begin to move forward, we can glean some silver linings.

One of the unexpected positive byproducts of the lockdown has been the business community’s quick (and mostly) seamless transition to digitization, using technology to solve traditional problems. Sure, there have been hurdles to overcome, but it has been remarkable to witness how companies are innovating during one of the most difficult periods in our collective history. From remote work and virtual events to collecting real-time intelligence on employee health, COVID-19 has likely forced your company to accelerate its digital transformation.

Here at Automation Alley, we have shifted our own offerings to continue to share our Industry 4.0 knowledge with you. We’re hosting our Tech Takeovers as virtual events, we’ve introduced a new livestream series called New Normal that explores how companies can leverage COVID-19 mitigation strategies to build future innovation, and we recently announced our 2020 Technology in Industry Reveal will be hosted as a series of virtual interviews with academic and industry experts, beginning July 13.

As we continue down this virtual path, we’d like to hear from you! Let us know what topics you want to see covered on upcoming streams, or if you have a back-to-work success story to share. Digital transformation is an ongoing process, and we will be here to help you every step of the way.


Image result for tom kelly automation alleyThanks for checking these out. Stay safe and healthy.

Tom Kelly
Executive Director & CEO
Automation Alley

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