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All about 2019 the empowHER Leadership Retreat

Michigan Business Network
April 19, 2019 8:00 AM


The empowHER Leadership Retreat was created to provide fourth- through ninth-grade girls from all different backgrounds with the tools to find confidence, passion and purpose in their lives.

In these six segments hear from Suzy Merchant who was inspired to start the events, followed by a business community sponsor (AF Group), a key member in making these four retreats happen, and a past participant.

This is the fourth year, and the retreat is approaching quickly, (April 26 & 27, 2019), held at the Breslin Center of East Lansing, MI. With support and education in the interactive workshops, empowHER girls learn to embrace their strengths and differences, build their self-confidence and participate in service projects that demonstrate the importance of giving back to their community.

Don't skip a single segment of this set of six. Julie Dombroski and Kristine Kletke have a great line-up of guests with all about empowHER Leadership Retreat! Click play just below. 

kkjd (2)Here's a rundown of what Julie and Kristin find out in those six segments.

1) In this opening segment join MSU Women’s Basketball Coach, Suzy Merchant as she discusses the story behind the empowHER Leadership Retreat, how you can be a part of this empowering event for young girls and what those who participate can expect to take away from this event. Learn the compelling story and hear the passion behind the event.

2) Sarah Garcia, Community Relations Manager for AF Group, joins Julie Dombroski and Kristine Kletke to discusses the empowHER Leadership Retreat and what it means to the business community. She touches on why AF Group became a sponsor and what sponsoring means to employees and the community--as well as the girls who attend the event.

3) In this segment Julie Dombroski and Kristine Kletke are joined by Kristin St. Marie, an advocate, volunteer, mentor and event chair who has been a part of the retreat from the beginning. Kristin talks about how the empowHER Leadership Retreat has evolved and shares interesting stories and reasons to be a part of this amazing event.

4) Julie Dombroski and Kristine Kletke welcome back Kristin St. Marie, she discusses mentoring and volunteering. Do you want to give back and inspire future generations of young women? If so, this event is for you and this episode is as well! They are still in need of volunteers for the 2019 Retreat.

5) Julie Dombroski catches up with Kristine Kletke who took the interviews on the road to find a girl who went in 2018 and is coming back for more in 2019. There are many reasons to sign up for the empowHER Leadership Retreat. You will hear several from one of the past participants, Amaya. Listen in as she shares what motivates her and what she learned about being a leader. Thinking about attending or listening in for someone else who would benefit from the empowHER Leadership Retreat? This segment is for you!

6) In their sixth and last segment, Julie Dombroski and Kristine Kletke hear again from Coach Suzy Merchant. She shares about the lessons of the retreat, what it’s like to be a part of the retreat and some needs that are still out there to help reach even more young girls. Thank you to all who have been a part and continue to be a part of this important event!



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