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Alex Mendenall: Excellent, Authentic and Real

Show Biz Weekly
June 28, 2017 3:00 PM


Segment 1- Alex Mendenall: The song “Perspective” opens and closes for segment 1. Show Biz Weekly welcomes musician Alex Mendenall to this weeks show to talk about his latest CD. The artistry delivered by Mendenall has raised the bar of excellence and the music he writes allows the mind to wonder and go on a journey. His delivery of every line and musical crescendo are his alone.  

_20170622_171329.jpg Segment 2 - Alex Mendenall: Live performances are incredible examples that take a look into the soul of an artist. Mendenall doesn’t disappoint. His latest CD “Into the Hinterland” has moved listeners from country, to jazz, funk, soul, and more. It’s very hard to define what is the genre when you listen to the album. That being said, it is meant to take you on a journey and it is meant to be real. The segment ends with “Song For the Moon” live in studio.

IMG_20170622_115027914.jpg Segment 3- Alex Mendenall: Is it possible that Show Biz Weekly just introduced to you a new star? We think it is. Mendenall doesn’t disappoint with his stories and his life. He grew up in Mason, attended Mason High and Michigan State University where he received a bachelor’s in Anthropology. While at MSU he picked up the guitar, played in a band, and decided that jobs in anthropology were hard to come by, which lead him down the path of a singer/song writer. History is still being made. We get to hear a moving song here “ All My Life” a true story from the heart that is song and played beautifully by our guest live.

IMG_20170622_120211752.jpg Segment 4- Alex Mendenall: “Into The Hinterland” is Mendenall’s 14 track of a “happy lens” sharing from his take on what could be considered sad songs, but there’s always a way to bring hope to what’s sad by seeing it through Mendenall’s term “happy lens”. Go check out ALEXMENDENALL.COM and pick up his CD and leave him a message that we suggested to you take a listen. From the Rebel Pictures upcoming film “Confidence of a Tall Man” directed by SBW co-host Michael McCallum, “We’ve Come So Far”, is one of the songs Mendenall’s contributed to the film that will screen at the Tavern & Tap on July 30th, 2017 at 8PM!  We leave you with “We’ve Come So Far” and welcome back the musical genius of Alex Mendenall.


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