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Advanced Communications & Data News Aug 2019

Michigan Business Network
September 3, 2019 11:00 AM

Affordable fiber coverage is the key benefit for business fiber Internet in Michigan. ACD logoACD has the mitten covered, from big cities to small towns. Explore your location on the map.

Lansing, MI based ACD designs, builds, and manages fiber optic networks in addition to providing internet and phone services.

It really is amazing to see the long fiber optic undersea cable runs that connect the continents.Undersea Fiber Optic Cable map

These are the same fiber optic cables that ACD uses to transmit data at the speed of lightaround Michigan and to the rest of the world. About 97% of all intercontinental data is transferred through these cables.

There are a few different types of cables used underwater, ranging in thickness from a garden hose to about three inches in diameter. The lightest (far right) are laid primarily in the deep ocean floor.Various sizes and Styles of Fiber Optic Cables



Technician Displaying Bundle of Fiber Optic CablesThe use of www in front of a website address comes from the saying "world wide web".

If the world's underwater cables were laid out end-to-end, the cables could extend from here to the moon and back again, and then wrap around the earth's widest point almost three times.







Fiber is the hands down winner in speed over cable.  Fiber is also more reliable.

Fiber internet isn't available everywhere so you need to check your address to see if you can economically get service. When you can it's a huge benefit to any business! Get the speed advantage. Fiber is great for connecting multiple locations.

If you checked your address in the past and we couldn't service your location, there is a good chance we can now!ACD Fiber Map with link




ACD map of MichiganACD is investing millions expanding availability of our fiber optic technology.

ACD is investing millions to bring fiber optic technology to businesses around the state. We are building in big cities and small towns across Michigan and Northern Ohio.




Does your city need faster internet speeds or have fiber that you know can be creating more value for your community?

ACD continues to be the go to company in assisting Michigan municipalities in managing their fiber assets and expanding the adoption of ultra-fast gigabit fiber technologies for communities. Be sure to let your local municipal leaders know ACD can help.

Avg. Mich Speeds
36 Mbps Download
5 Mbps Upload 

Average Michigan internet speeds according to according to broadbandnow.com

ACD Speeds
1,000 Mbps Download
1,000 Mbps Upload

Up to 1,000 based on customer equipment.



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