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Address Pressing Challenges with SAE EDGE™ Research Reports

Michigan Business Network
June 29, 2020 1:00 PM

SAE-International-logoTackle Steep Challenges with Emerging Technologies
SAE EDGE Research Reports Steer You Toward Promising Solutions


Get SAE EDGE Research Reports as They Publish
Subscribe today and access the entire collection. You’ll receive access to existing content, spanning the emerging technologies including automated and connected vehicles, advanced manufacturing, and electrification, plus new reports as they publish. With dozens of reports coming this year, the SAE EDGE Research Reports collection will help you stay up to date on the most exciting developments in mobility engineering.


As challenges mount in emerging technologies, SAE EDGE™ Research Reports offer innovative new approaches. Two new reports investigate how connected aircraft and vehicle health management systems could transform mobility engineering, offering expert perspectives from SAE International.


NEW: Unsettled Topics in the Application of Satellite Navigation to Air Traffic Management
Air traffic management challenges are outpacing established ways for absorbing technological innovation. This report focuses attention on technologies that hold the most immediate promise for increased capabilities and speed of adoption.


NEW: Unsettled Issues Concerning Integrated Vehicle Health Management Systems and Maintenance Credits
The incorporation of IVHM into standard aircraft maintenance policies could have widespread positive effects on health, safety, and even design decisions. This report examines how maintenance procedures are developed, and outlines how prognostics and health management systems can gain approval to be included in them.


Forthcoming Titles of SAE EDGE Research Reports


Unsettled Topics in Autonomous Vehicle Data Sharing for Verification and Validation Purposes

Unsettled Issues Concerning the Economics of Fuel Cells and Electric Ground Vehicles

Unsettled Topic Concerning User Experience and Acceptance of Automated Vehicles

Unsettled Topics Concerning Airworthiness Cyber-Security Regulation

Unsettled Topics on the Use of IVHM in the Active Control Loop

Unsettled Technology Domains in Industrial SMART Assembly Tools Supporting Industry 4.0

Unsettled Technology Domains for Pathways to Automotive Decarbonization

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