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A Look Around The Nation and World June 6, 2016

Week in Review
June 10, 2016 3:00 PM

global newsTrash power grew in 2015, with Florida continuing its reign as the state with the most electricity coming from garbage, according to the federal government. The Sunshine State generates about one-fifth of the U.S. electricity powered by items many people would consider trash, according to an Energy Information Administration report. The country has 71 waste-to-energy plants in 20 states. Waste-to-energy plants take combustible materials such as paper, cardboard, food waste, grass clippings, leaves, wood, leather products as well as plastic, metals and petroleum-based synthetic materials and convert them into energy, according to the Energy Information Administration, the Energy Department's independent analysis arm.

“Generational consultants” are charging companies as much as $20,000 an hour to counsel executives on how to manage their “millennial” workforce, The Wall Street Journal reports. In fact, a whole cottage industry is emerging, with companies spending about $60 million to $70 million on generational consulting last year, according to Source Global Research. So what do these experts in young people do to justify their price tag?

The divide between e-commerce sales and in-store retailing is getting wider as online consumers speed up their move to the Internet. U.S. consumer sales rose a healthy 1.3% from March to April, but the category that includes online sales grew at nearly double the rate. That’s the latest sign of what is becoming a dramatic change in the retail world, the WSJ reports. Internet and catalog sales have grown three times as fast as overall sales over the last year, and soared 10.2% over the past year while department-store sales have declined 1.7%.

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