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A Career of Breaking Down Barriers for Michigan Works! Association

Michigan Business Beat
June 24, 2021 9:00 AM

Luanne Dunsford 022321Luann Dunsford, Chief Executive Officer of the Michigan Works! Association joins Chris Holman to share some career highlights with the association. Luann is wrapping up her tenure with the association to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor. During her time with Michigan Works! Association, Luanne has provided top-notch leadership resources, made valuable connections, and delivered high-impact events and training. She takes particular pride in and has great respect for, the coordination, cooperation, and commitment exemplified within Michigan’s workforce system - working towards one goal to break down barriers so that all have the opportunity to prosper.

Watch Luann's full interview with Chris now! 

Luann shared about herself, her career and her future. Some more information about this instrumental leader in Michigan:

Luann Dunsford wants to live in a world where all businesses have the greatest employees. Where every person has a meaningful and fulfilling career and where we’re all moving forward with shared purpose to grow a vibrant, dynamic economy.

For those of us who share that vision, here’s the best news: Luann’s not just a dreamer. She’s a doer. Leading small businesses to thrive has been her life’s work.

Luann is a networking dynamo whose 25 plus years of relationships, skills and leadership insight— coupled with profound energy and determination—make her a valuable leader and partner.

Luann works closely with the Association’s private sector led Board of Directors to support its members and workforce partners by providing top-notch leadership resources, making valuable connections, and delivering high-impact events and training. Luann is a liaison between Association membership, key stakeholders and partners. She oversees all day-to-day operations of the Association and maintains a trusted, public portal of policy and information exchange.

Luann takes particular pride in, and has great respect for, the coordination, cooperation and commitment that is exemplified within Michigan’s workforce system - working towards one goal to break down barriers so that all have the opportunity to prosper. Her belief that much more can be accomplished when working together is the bedrock of the relationships she develops, and the foundation for leading coordinated workforce advocacy and education efforts nationally and within the state.

Luann enjoys an active lifestyle, and volunteering in her community. When she’s not in command of Association management, you can find her courtside cheering on her daughter, at the gym, walking her dog or attending basketball and volleyball games at her alma mater Michigan State University (Go Green, Go White!). She is an active, practicing Catholic who leads a life of service and purpose.

What else do you need to know about Luann?

Dream job: Motivational keynote speaker/trainer

Favorite vacation spot: London

Top podcasts/books: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite concert: Rolling Stones – “It’s Only Rock & Roll, but I like it!”

Favorite quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretsky

Who she would like to be for a day: Dr. Jane Goodall

Best piece of advice received: “Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.”

One thing people would be surprised if they knew about me: I love DIY remodeling and I have personally installed wood floors in three different homes.

About Michigan Works! Association
The Michigan Works! Association believes the key to advancing prosperity across the state is a skilled workforce.  

As the state's primary workforce development association, our focus is to continue to move the needle on policy, education, and collaboration.  We are creating opportunities and building stronger communities by advocating and innovating together. - https://www.michiganworks.org/our-association

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