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2019 Mackinac Policy Conference with Chris Holman

Michigan Business Network
June 18, 2019 3:00 PM

IMG_0074 (1)The Michigan Business Network had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Mackinac Policy Conference where they caught up with some of Michigan's top industry experts and leaders. These series of interviews took place at the Grand Hotel located on the beautiful Mackinac Island, May 29th and 30th.

Watch as founder and CEO of Michigan Business Network Chris Holman interviews experts and leaders across the many industries in Michigan.

Interviews include:

The 60/30 Initiative | Brian Calley
President Brian Calley of Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) answers questions pertaining to his new position with SBAM along with the 60/30 Initiative that will help aid in Michigan’s talent issues. 

Exciting times for the Mid-Michigan Community | Tony Stamas
New president of the Middle Michigan Alliance Tony Stamas  talks to Chris about how it’s exciting times for the mid-Michigan community.

Precarious Times for Michigan Agriculture | Carl Bednarski
President of the Michigan Farm Bureau - Carl Bednarski talks of Michigan’s agriculture this year and how it has been the coldest and wettest spring in a 124 years!

Security Issues Pending in Michigan | U.S. Senator Gary Peters
U.S. Senator Gary Peters as he talks with MBN’s Chris Holman about some pending security issues in Michigan including working bipartisan to get more CBP officers on Michigan borders and how to maximize the state’s port facilities.

100 Years of Engineering Education | Dr. Bob McMahan
Kettering University’s President Dr. Bob McMahan informs that while still one the nation’s top engineering colleges Kettering offers a wide variety of STEM related curriculum and is dedicated to the co-op process of education. 

TechTown Goes MoTown | Ned Staebler
CEO of TechTown Detroit, Ned Staebler sits with Chris Holman at this year’s Mackinac Policy Conference. TechTown Detroit has recently announced two new accelerators under the Motown brand that focuses on new music technology and emerging artists.

Great Opportunity for Small Business | Rob Fowler
CEO of SBAM Rob Fowler talks about the dynamic of sharing leadership with new president of SBAM’s Brian Calley along with the great opportunity there is for small businesses.

SBDC Doors Open to Anyone | J.D. Collins
State Director of Michigan SBDC J.D. Collins discusses his new position with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) along with how their doors are open to anyone looking for resources and professional expertise to help their business succeed.

Building a Great Community | Margaret Trimer
Director of Communications and Corporate Citizenship Margaret Trimer discusses how Delta Dental of Michigan has been investing in their own backyard by developing in the Lansing area along with what it takes to  build a great community.

Importance of Venture Capital | Ara Topouzian
Executive Director for the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) Ara Topozian  gives insight on what exactly venture capital is and its importance in our ecosystem.

Helping Michigan Business Grow | Jeff Mason
CEO of Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Jeff Mason talks with Chris Holman about all the ways MEDC helps businesses grow and be successful.

Not Your Traditional Entrepreneurship | Fred Molnar 
VP Entrepreneur & Innovation of MEDC, Fred Molnar talks about how his department with MEDC is taking technology from the universities to create companies and hopefully economic development for the state of Michigan.

Moving Toward New Sources of Energy | Jerry Norcia
COO (now CEO) of DTE Jerry Norcia talks about how DTE is moving into new sources of energy  (natural gas, solar, wind resources) along with the launch of MiGreenPower which is a voluntary green power program.

Historic Grand Hotel | Dan Musser
Owner of Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel, Dan Musser provides some interesting facts and the unique history of this landmark hotel.

Making Education Top Priority | Doug Rothwell
CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan, Doug Rothwell talks about how education touches so many parts of society and getting everyone on the same page is a top priority.

Competitive Advantage with Automation | Tom Kelly
Executive Director and CEO of Automation Alley Tom Kelly talks of Industry 4.0 and how’s bridging technology with manufacturing.

Specific Plans for Asian Carp | U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow 
U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow talks about the long awaited solution concerning the asian carp taking over the great lakes. Michigan’s has a $7 billion fishing industry along with a $16 billion boating industry which is all affected by this invasive species. Part of the solution for this growing concern lies 30 miles south of Chicago with the Brandon Roadblock and Dam.

Michigan Offers Variety of Jobs for All Ages | Edythe Copeland 
CEO of Capital Area Michigan Works!, Edythe Copeland talks about how Michigan offers a variety of occupations for all ages. 

More than Wealth Management | Nathan Marsden
Managing director and market executive for the Bloomfield Hills-Farmington Hills Merrill Lynch, Nathan Marsden talks about how Merril is more than wealth management and works at driving a deeper dialog with clients.

Helping Communities Succeed | Katharine Czarnecki
 Senior Vice President, community development at MEDC Katharine Czarnecki talks about how it takes multiple sectors building an economic ecosystem to achieve community goals.

MEDC Industry Development & Innovation | Trevor Pawl 
Senior Vice President, Business Innovation at MEDC Trevor Pawl talks of the 3 programs that make up the MEDC business unit including Planet M, Pure Michigan Business Connect and their International Trades Programs.

Helping I.T. Businesses Operate Efficiently | Pradip Sengupta
President and CEO of IPS Technology Services Pradip Sengupta talks about the what exactly IPS Technology Services does and how the company brings solutions to I.T. businesses helping them operate more effectively and efficiently.

Jump on board the Zingtrain | Ari Weinsweig
Watch President and CEO of Zingerman’s Delicatessen Ari Weinsweig talk with MBN’s Chris Holman at the 2019 Mackinac Policy Conference. Ari talks about Zingtrain, which is a business training program packed seminars, articles and business books.

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