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Dr. Phil Knight

Dr. Phil Knight

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Dr. Phil Knight has served as a Trainer with John Maxwell’s EQUIP, led international projects in cross cultural settings, consulted on national and statewide political campaigns, lobbied in DC, serve as a personal counselor to corporate leaders, coached entrepreneurs and owns two small businesses. He currently leads the state association representing all food banks in the state of Michigan. Phil brings his plethora of leadership experiences to Michigan Business Network - hosting Leadership Lowdown - and along with him are some amazing guests that tell their leadership story. 

Phil is often described in three words: Counselor, Coach, and Consultant. He has advanced degrees in Professional Counseling and Philosophy and authored the leadership workbook entitled the Diamond Life – How Followers Become Leaders and Leaders Become Legendary. Dr. Knight most recently has presented to the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, the Michigan State Police Forensic Division and the Grand Blanc School District.

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