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Young Pioneer (live & acoustic)

Show Biz Weekly
May 10, 2017 11:00 AM

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Show Biz Weekly welcomes Michigan band Young Pioneer to the show!

Segment 1: Four of the five members of Young Pioneer joins us with great news on their latest music dropping later this summer 2017, and more! Jonny Walker, one of the founding members of the band shares their beginnings and how the band came together.  “Playing to Pretend”

Segment 2: Ben Awrey, sings an acoustic version of Take It Or Leave It” From their 2nd EP “Playing To Pretend” Awrey, the band’s lead vocalist, lyricist and composer, shares that the words of his music are honest, personal, and stem from his experiences. He is enjoying the messaging being received by watching the words being sung by the audience at their live shows.

Segment 3: Ben opens this segment with “Last Words” from their upcoming EP “Ghosts” Jason Marr guitarist, joins in the conversation and shares the how coming into the band gelled right away.

young pioneer stage.jpgSegment 4:  Austin Howard, drums, shares his fitting into the vibe of the group. 

Segment 5: Ben opens with another live acoustic “Need to Know”.  Jonny talks about up coming gigs and on May 12th at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan, the band opens for Lilac Lungs for their CD release show


Segment 6: Young Pioneer is a Rock/Alternative band from the Suburbs of Detroit, MI formed in the Winter of 2012. They released their first album in Summer of 2015.

Upcoming shows: 6-02 @ Flint Local 432 - Flint MI
6-15 @ Bridge Fest - Lansing MI (free, outdoors and all ages) 


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