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Writing Gone Mad!

Show Biz Weekly
February 8, 2017 2:00 PM


Show Biz Weekly welcomes writer Justin Muschong to talk about his recent successes as a writer.

Justin Muschong is a writer and editor based in Astoria, Queens. His articles, essays, and short stories have appeared in Newtown Literary (where he also sits on the editorial board), Resource Magazine, Crate Literary Magazine, The London Journal of Fiction, Atticus Review, The Vignette Review, Maudlin House, and Alternating Current’s The Spark. Justin Muschong was just awarded the NORTHERN NEW YORK SCREENWRITER AWARD for “Deadbolt” at the Snowtown Film Festival presented to him by actor Vigo Mortinson.

Segment 6: His screenplay credits include the short films Eskimo Brothers, Memento Mori, The Girl with Blue Eyes, Red Seven, and the forthcoming Confidence of a Tall Man, Reverb, and Deadbolt. His scripts have also won recognition from Project Twenty1 in Philadelphia, Gotham Screen in New York City.

Shout out to President/CEO Jen Shaneberger of The 36 Hour Film Challenge & Sponsor-Rebel Pictures. 

Shaneberger believes in the great power of influence held by mixing images and words through film and digital media. Using GRFF as a vehicle to reach regional filmmakers, she hopes to inspire in them a sense of responsibility and pride as they develop these influential narratives.

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