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Wrap-up of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit

A Shunpiker's Journal
January 30, 2017 5:00 PM

IMG_4731.jpegThis episode of 'A Shunpiker's Journal' program is a wrap-up of the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Steve Purdy is joined by lively guest co-host, Michael Bernstein, a 20-year auto industry veteran who shares his impressions and insights on the show and other topics about the auto industry. We also present three interviews recorded at the show at COBO:

Segement 3 from the episode is with Mr. Zhang Fan is VP and head of design for Guangzhou [pronounced gwan-jo] Automotive Company (GAC), the first fully-sorted Chinese automaker to have space on the main floor of the Detroit Auto Show. They brought four vehicles including a charming small crossover with a bonsai tree between the rear seats. Mr. Zhang talks about his company’s place in the world auto market as well as their design philosophy.

Segment 4 of this episode features Maylasion-born Zang Toi is a world-renowned fashion designer who was commissioned to reinterpret the costumes worn by the product specialists (formerly known as auto show models) who populate the Lexus display. In addition to having some of the most impressive cars and crossovers at the show, Lexus spared no expense in clothing their resource people. Product specialists are charged with knowing just about everything related to the vehicles they hang out with and what they wear is crucial to defining the brand. You’ll see by this chat that Zang Toi is a fascinating and talented fellow.attachment.jpeg

Steve then spoke with Dr. Phillip Hessberg, one of the founders of the prestigious (one of the five most important in the country according to some experts) classic and collector car shows in the country known as EyesOn Design. For Segment 5 hear about the intensely focused on vehicle design as opposed to any other criteria. For some years now they have assembled a jury composed of many of the worlds top designers - not just from automotive - to determine the best designs among new offerings at the Detroit show. Dr. Hessberg does not claim to be a car guy in any sense but he sure puts this whole process in perspective. At the end of the show Michael Bernstein and I go through the list design award winners.IMG_4769.jpeg

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