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Why you 'Can' in Business

Michigan Business Network
February 19, 2016 10:13 AM

FordQuote.jpgWhen I was in the third grade I asked my teacher, “Can I get a drink of water?”

It was a simple question and I was expecting a simple Yes or No response.

Instead, she responded with, “I don’t know, Can you?”

What a ridiculous question! Of COURSE I can get a drink.

Now her lesson was to teach me to say, “May I go …”

But my lesson today is this …

Can I go?

Physically? Of course!

Mentally? Well, I guess all it takes in that arena is believing I can and just doing it.

Why does it have to be any different in the business world?

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Let that sink in a bit.

Can you start a business?

Physically? Yep! Pretty much anyone can physically start a business these days. If you’ve got something to sell, there’s your business.

Mentally? Same thing applies as before. All it takes is to believe you can and be willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

Can you climb up the corporate ladder?

Physically? Well, considering it’s invisible …

Mentally? If you’re willing to do the work and take names and kick ass and all that glory and gold and such ... that shiny new name plate with CEO written on it is yours for the taking!

Now I bet you’re wondering, “But what if I fail?”

Ahh …. But see, that wasn’t a part of the question. And if you want me to give you an answer ... the only one I have to give is, “But what if you don’t?”

Last month I was given the privilege to join my husband on his company retreat in South Carolina. When I heard the news of where they were going I almost cried. My husband and I had been wanting to visit since we first started dating. He’d gone as a child, but I had never been.

I knew right from the start what I wanted to do first. I was going in the ocean. Almost 35 years of life and I had never smelled salty sweet air or touched that giant body of water once.

Slight problem arose.

It was called ‘January.’

Otherwise known as ‘The World is Winterfel.’

Also answers to ‘Winter is NEVER Leavinguary’

But me, well, I’m a tenacious gal. I’ve got my own pick of Destiny and nothing gets in the way of my “Can I?” questions.

First thing on morning #1 I hauled my winter coat on, threw on a hat, laced up my Chucks and headed for the sea. Minutes later, I was on the beach abandoning my sandy shoes and as the sun rose to greet my frozen toes, I stepped into the ocean and checked an item off my bucket list.

As the frigid, salty seawater splashed against my shivering ankles I asked myself, “Why the heck am I doing this???”

But then I stopped, looked at crimson and blue sky and reminded myself, “Because I can!”

Don’t let the cold water scare you fellow business friends. Even if you only last a tiny moment in the ocean, at least you can say you tried!

And the best part of it all will be … you learned … and you can take that into your next adventure.

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