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Tom Kelly | Automation Alley Perspective and Michigan's Adaptive Workforce

Michigan Business Network
March 26, 2020 12:30 PM

Chris & Tom April 2018Chris Holman remotely catches up with Automation Alley's Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly, to find out his perspective on how Michigan companies and his members are working through the current COVID-19 situation.

Hear Tom and Chris discuss COVID-19 and its business impact, click play on the PodCast

After you've given that a listen, shared below is Automation Alley's statement on COVID-19:

Beyond cooperating with MEDC in information resources

Automation Alley Update on COVID-19

Dear Members and Colleagues,

Under the guidance of state government and the CDC, and in an effort to ensure the safety, health and well-being of our staff and the community, Automation Alley's Troy headquarters will be closed to all visitors beginning Monday, March 16, until further notice to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We are taking this situation very seriously by encouraging our staff to work remotely and believe physical distancing at this critical point will help flatten the curve of this outbreak. 

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, I urge you to focus not on what could go wrong, but what can go right. Just as the digital transformation of Industry 4.0 is disrupting businesses, this global pandemic is forcing companies around the globe to change their behavior and their culture. Use this time as an opportunity to explore the remote workplace, find new ways to engage with your employees, and—most of all—lean on each other during this most serious test. No one can predict the future, but together we can make it through this truly epic disruption. 

We are in the process of contacting Members that have reserved rooms for events or meetings and will work with you to reschedule if possible. Also, please note that the following Automation Alley events will be postponed (new dates TBD, please check our website for updates):

  • March 18 Tech Takeover: Bourbon, Blockchain and Michigan's Out-dated Three-Tier System
  • March 25 Tech Takeover: Cybersecurity Compliance Support
  • April 15 Tech Takeover: Predict Product & Assembly Process Variation Before You Build

In addition, our April 27 Technology in Industry Reveal has been rescheduled for Monday, July 13.

Image result for tom kelly automation alleyThanks for your understanding. Stay safe and healthy.

Tom Kelly
Executive Director & CEO
Automation Alley

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