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Association Impact
January 14, 2015 10:08 AM

associationsAssociation Impact kicks off another year of weekly interviews speaking with someone well-known in the association world nationally, Tom Morrison, Chief Energy Officer, with TomMorrison.biz, out of Florida.  We cover his background and then get into the day's overriding discussion about association staff new years resolutions; which is maximizing staff engagement.  We cover how to attract the next generation to associations, and why this is key.  Next Tom tackles non-dues revenue and how an association goes about choosing these including understanding their focus. Then he focuses on how association boards should and can be innovative.  Tom's discussion then tackles methods for association staffs to be in communication with their board, and how often to do it. He also sites his recent blog http://www.tommorrison.blogspot.com/2015/01/6-steps-to-creating-tropical-paradise.html covering such things as transparency.  Finally, Tom shares his practices and advice for associations in connection to use of social media.

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Association Impact, hosted by Cheryl Ronk, CMP CAE looks into what some of Michigan’s top professional and industry groups are doing to make a positive impact for their members and for the state of Michigan. As part of MSAE, Association Impact works with all associations in Michigan.

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